March 15, 2005

Hugh Hefner and Michael Jackson?

Jackson and Hefner.jpg

No matter where he goes Hugh Hefner has for years had a couple of blonde bombshells on each arm. That is his signature, the male fantasy come true. With age Hefner began more and more to refine his taste in big-breasted women. His playboy bunnies began to look more and more alike. The older Hef got, the more artificial looking the girls became. At first there wasn’t a natural breast in the house. After boob jobs became the rule at the Playboy Mansion it all went haywire at headquarters. More and more prosthetic surgery was necessary to make the boss flash his famous golden shit-eating grin –– his sly way of boasting that he was the luckiest fucker in the world. After years of his own plastic surgery, however, it is no longer really clear what that painted grimace on his face and squint-eyed expression is supposed to mean. The models became so plastic looking they began to look mangled. It got so they were so filled with silicone and Botox they could hardly move a muscle without worrying about bursting a suture. Has the geriatric Hef lost it? Has he finally gone totally senile and blind? Or has the old fox just been honing his fantasy, coming closer and closer to the plastic wet dream he was always after but was too afraid to ask for? Recent sightings of a boyishly exuberant porn king doting over Michael Jackson would lead one to believe that Hef knew all along where his bliss was leading him.

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