March 17, 2005

Nueva Germania

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Inspired by the composer Richard Wagner’s celebration of German culture, Elizabeth Nietzsche-Foerster, the thinker’s not so enlightened sister, along with other misguided patriots set out at the end of the 19th-century to found a utopian Aryan nation in Paraguay called Nueva Germania. The experiment was a total disaster. Remnants of the community did, however, survive. After World War II, for example, Josef Mengele, the butcher scientist whose horrifyingly brutal experiments on concentration camp victims are unparalleled in history, hid out there. David Woodard, a whore for media attention, first learned of Nueva Germania after reading Forgotten Fatherland: The Search for Elisabeth Nietzsche, a 1992 book by a London Times journalist, Ben MacIntyre. Although Woodard claims he is not a white supremacist, the composer’s politics are so far to the left they are far right. Woodard’s media stunts are infamous. In 2001, the composer played his 12-minute version of “Ave atque Vale”, which he dubbed “Onward, Valiant Soldier”, on the eve of Timothy McVeigh’s execution. Woodard’s commissions include the upcoming orchestration of a “pastoral” piece composed by the angel of death, Dr. Jack Kevorkian. The prospect of an Aryan homeland was apparently irresitible for Woodard. He has great plans for the revitalization of Nueva Germania. To employ Aryan youth, the crackpot underground composer who has been selling replicas of Brion Gysin’s psychedelic contraption called a Dreamachine, a motorized cylinder that spins and creates a strobe effect, wants to build a Dreamachine Factory in the Paraguay jungle. Supporters apparently include Kenneth Anger and Dick Cheney. For more on Nueva Germania go here.

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