November 29, 2004

Ten Thousand Fair Afflictions


Ten Thousand Fair Afflictions is an international celebration of the best in alternative art world publications presented Upstairs At The Mountain in Chinatown, Los Angeles through December 4th. Publications include: Meise #2, published by Andre Butzer, Professor Winkler et. al., the Rambler published by Joel Mesler and Mark von Schlegell and Spring Journal published by Daniel Mendel-Black. The three week long show, organized by Mendel-Black, kicked off November 20th with performances, lectures, readings, music and art by artists and writers from Los Angeles and Germany. Four opening night performances featured: Meise publishers, Verlag Heckler und Koch, Berlin, who presented “Jacques Lacan”: A Lecture; Hollywood actresses Michelle Livechi and Tina Napier who performed e.e. cummings’s 1946 play Santa Klaus: A Morality Tale; the musical collaborative Bastard (members include Mark von Schlegell, Joel Mesler, Aaron Turner, David Kordansky, and Daniel Mendel-Black) which presented readings by authors and critics Norman M. Klein and Chris Kraus; and the struggling rock band Dude Dogg (members include Charles Irvin, Dave Deany, Gary Cannone, and Gerald Davis) which received therapy from a Freudian Psychotherapist. A video of the evening’s events accompanies a gallery exhibit of various information and visual art related to the many activities of the three publications.

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