July 09, 2006

Vote For Happiness

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A guilty conscience has never been made a more prominent theme than in The Machinist (2004). The movie is all about the travails, psychological and physical, of a regular guy, Trevor Reznik (played by Christian Bale), who is literally consumed by his bad conscience. In the face of the Bushevik cabal, currently at the helm of the country, it provides some insight into how the common man is overwhelmed by the kind of crimes those in the White House refuse to deal with, or are simply too insane to acknowledge. It must be great to have the entire force of the US Military as a plaything to act out one’s most personal and puerile vendettas. You can’t get more Washington insider than the Rumy-Cheney-Bush cabal. These guys date back to Nixon. One of the more frightening facts revealed in a recent documentary on the Nixon impeachment came from former Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker who pointed out that the Democrats were generally voiceless throughout the proceedings. It took conscientious Republicans to ultimately force the issue. The lesson learned by the Far Right, Weicker concludes, wasn’t that the Nixon administration were wrong, but that they got caught. The Machinist is a good example of the difference between the common man haunted by a vicious crime and the mentality of those who hold power. Tom Delay’s refusal to apologize for his vicious autocratic-style rule over the Congress, and the Far Right who have done nothing but play politics with the US military and intelligence are obvious examples. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour’s “Ten Minutes From Now”, in which a Beatnik holds law enforcement hostage by understanding the law better than the 60s gray silhouette of old school, fedora capped G-Men might seem strange by today’s standards. When it comes to dealing with American citizens, these days the police don’t seem to have to worry about the law. 2002’s The Weather Underground was a revelation not least of all because most of the FBI’s investigation was thrown out of court because law enforcement, in going after the group, clearly and egregiously violated the law, pursuing the case over-zealously. Such constitutional restraint is now a thing of the past. Pre-emptive attack’s on sovereign nations has easily given over to the insanity of the Patriot Act, ushering in the era of what Phil Dick called “precrime”. The Right Wing PR desperation to claim some success on home front security before the 2006 elections relies entirely on the exposure of a plot among a group in Florida and one in Lebanon and elsewhere long before any hard evidence of terrorism, anything besides bad thoughts against the US government, could be gathered. Never mind that the real story is that the Bushevick Administration has done almost nothing to actually fund any of the anti-terror needs at home. Major ports, monuments and infrastructure throughout the States are no safer than they were before 911. They are maybe even less safe. There was a period a couple of years back when it honestly felt that if the country were to have taken a vote on the US Constitution folks would have overwhelmingly voted against it. There’s no doubt that people are on some level still scared. The cave-in of the middle ground in American politics due to the diabolical effort of the Right Wing to polarize the citizens of our country has resulted in exactly the kind of confusion they have thus far been able to capitalize on to divide the nation against itself. No doubt efforts to divide the population along party lines is our common national heritage. The attempt, however, of the Far Right and the Bushevick Administration to force the country into a pre-Constitutional level of political discourse has never been so strong. The Brian de Palma version of Stephen King’s Carrie (1976) is mostly about the teenage angst of an outsider in high school. Nothing’s scarier than being labeled a nerd at that age. Few things are nastier than social hierarchy. But in many ways the story is about election fraud. Carrie is elected prom-queen by a cheat. It is an odd fable on the topic. Election fraud, in this case, is the result of a mean-spirited campaign on the part of the popular kids to embarrass an outsider. It is the Crucible made into a high school allegory. Carrie is a witch with paranormal telepathic powers. In the end she has her revenge against the rest of the kids. For the unpopular crowd it was a serious wake up call –– it was the outsider kids against the privileged socialite class and the outsider kids, for once, actually stood a fighting chance. If it weren’t for election fraud none of it would have had to happen. Karl Rove must have seen the movie. Rove definitely knows how to fix an election. Only he missed the point, or maybe he simply dismissed it as utterly fanciful that folks in our country could sympathize with the outsider. His whole strategy has relied on the idea that the rich bully will ultimately cow the common voterate. That and taking a page right out of the playbook of the German National Socialist Party. The Nazi’s came to power, as everyone already knows all too well, with a policy of xenophobia. Alfred Döblin goes out of his way in his famous criticism of pre-WWII German society Berlin Alexanderplatz to point out that the Salvation Army’s recourse to Revelations was a great recruiting device for disaffected citizens; the ideal way to stir up hate among the lower classes. The mega-church grass-roots effort of the Right has faced its most rigorous criticism from the larger Christian community precisely for the same reason. Only the American middle class now counts among the threatened classes. The neo-con effort to single out the Hispanic community as scapegoats for our nation’s problems is simply a more obvious instance of their hateful program of popular division and polarization, especially as the infrastructure of our country’s industry and democratic center is dismantled by military complex type corporations like the auto industry, ect. If regular folks are confused, and they definitely are, it is because their war has two fronts. It would be one thing if we were solely being attacked from abroad by terrorists who hate our way of life. It is entirely something else to face a second front here at home in which we are being attacked by our own countrymen who are equally hell-bent on destroying our way of life. What’s perplexing is that so far the Bushevick propaganda campaign, and Dubya has used exactly that word, has failed miserably leaving them with one of the lowest approval ratings in US history, and yet there is no real evidence that folks will ultimately vote their conscience and kick these war mongering bums out of the Capitol. There's an old saying in Texas: "Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered!" Well the Radical Right have fed on our common wealth and done just about everything in their power to plunder the country leaving us with a debt, fiscal and psychological, it will take generations of hard work to restore. Isn't it about time to take the hogs out to slaughter?

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