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August 01, 2005

99 Percent Of Applications Of The Internet Not Yet Invented

Vint Cerf, says that were he 30 again, he would be focused on networking communications in space.In 1973, as an assistant professor at Stanford University and a DARPA scientist, Cerf co-designed the Net's underlying architecture, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), for the U.S. military. He is now working on a project focused on developing a new set of protocols for communication in deep space, where continuous connectivity can't be assumed. Cerf said that he would also like to work in the field of bioelectronics because he would like to help develop life-transforming devices for humans. The concept is of particular interest to Cerf because his wife is deaf; and her life was dramatically changed for the better when she was fitted with cochlear implants. Bioelectronics is a field in which scientists develop electronics that can be wired to neurons in the brain in order to help the handicapped, for example. He went on to say that he and Kahn developed TCP/IP intentionally to be an open, international standard so that it would be widely adopted. At the time, he did not know that it would become a commercial service and go on to harness a vast amount of creativity in new applications and went on to predict that probably 99 percent of all the applications of the Internet haven't been invented yet .

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