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August 11, 2005

Anti-Skimming in Japan

The following short article excerpt from RFID Japan shows the increasing concern over skimming, or the surreptitious acquisition of RF encoded information, say in a card in your wallet. There have been a number of 'blocking' devices proposed, but the interest in the US has been minimal. A more advanced version of this is called a blocker tag, the idea is covered in Garfinkel and Rosenberg's recent book: RFID Applications ... (p. 332-) The use of RF encoded mass-transit cards in Japan have made it an interesting testbed for this. Reliability or even necessity is unclear, since reads typically occur at only a few cm. Lining your purse or wallet with metal foil might work just as well! Skimming also occurs with ordinary bar codes, typically at an ATM.

...Takashimaya, which is one of the largest retailers in Japan, now sells anti-skimming cards called "Sherry" at their department stores. Consumers can just put the cards in their wallets in order to prevent their RFID-chipped train passes etc. from skimming attacks. The anti-skimming card functions by creating "reverse" electro-magnetic field ...

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