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August 15, 2005

Firefox Loses Market Share to IE - Steady gain hits bump in July

some good comments that strike to the heart of the debate about whether or not free products can have market share. I use Firefox and enjoy it (as much as anyone can "enjoy" using a browser) but I don't think anyone in the tech business is really representative of the mass market, and that's exactly where IE plays. Maybe FF has picked off all the low hanging fruit they can get without dedicated marketing? Maybe there's a new dynamic at play where a community of interested 3rd party ISVs drive adoption once viability has been demonstrated? Flock is an example of a company that is building on the early success of FF with their own FF offering, at least that's as much as I understand as this point.

At any rate, outside of the noisy extremes I don't think dissatisfaction with IE is significant so in order for FF to continue to grow they will need to do more to appeal to users to continue growing.

UPDATE: Firefox.com says that they have been downloaded 80 million times... anyone know how many users that translates to? I've downloaded it at least a dozen times taking into account different OS versions and release updates.

Link: broadband � News � Firefox Loses Market Share to IE - Steady gain hits bump in July.

The streak of Mozilla's Firefox browser gaining market share from Microsoft's Internet Explorer has come to a grinding halt in July. For the first time since Firefox Version 1.0 made its debut, Internet Explorer was able to regain some lost ground.

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