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August 25, 2005

Google's Talking Desktop -- More Hype Than Money Can Buy

: The torrent of words unleashed by the mention of a communications tool in a John Markoff story and the launch of a revamped Google Desktop continues with an almost-awesome mix of viral and orchestrated coverage. The story goes consumer today with NYT and WSJ Tech Thursday reviews. Meanwhile, the geeks are still at it.
-- David Pogue: This week's releases only intensify the Google mystery, cementing the move from "an Internet search tool" to "a full-blown software company." Pogue calls Google Talk 1.0 "probably the most stripped-down chat program on earth" but suggests the features (or lack thereof) aren't what's important for now. "Its mission, in fact, is far grander. Google Talk aims to end the ridiculous era of proprietary chat networks." The weapon: "an open, published standard that the company is making available to all."
-- Walt Mossberg: Mikey likes it. Seriously, apaprt from a couple of flaws, Mossberg writes that "both products, especially Google Desktop, have great potential for expansion and are meant to become indispensable. ... the two newest releases are bold, major steps for Google, and significantly broaden the company's already fierce competition with Microsoft, Yahoo and America Online."
-- Russell Beattie: Gmail left the invite-only stage this week as part of the Gtalk launch. Gmail wannabes can send an SMS message from a U.S. cell phone to Google and get up to 10 accounts. Reading the fine print, Beattie sees "a very neat move by the Goog to harvest mobile phone numbers for future services."

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