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August 25, 2005

Locked Out CBC Workers Set to Launch Net-based Media Service

For the past week, about 5,000 employees of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) have been locked out due to a labour dispute. Now, the Canadian Media Guild says it plans to launch an internet-based media service produced by locked-out CBC employees. In a statement on their website, the group said " [j]ust because the Corporation won't let us go to work doesn't mean we can't do the work we love to do!", adding that "[v]arious ad-hoc groups have been meeting in Toronto and around the country to develop the idea. The CMG leadership has now approved the project and, since we are without a collective agreement, there are no conflict issues to prevent us from providing quality content to our audiences."

A name for service hasn't been announced, but the CMG says it will initally be a "text and picture site", followed by an English National daily newscast available as a podcast, and possibly some "moving picture TV elements."

The Canadian Media Guild is now looking for volunteers to work on the service but expects it to be ready to launch sometime next week. More on this as it develops.

[Via Clickable Culture]

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