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August 25, 2005

Post Office Betting On eBay

With the rise of email and various private shipping companies, some have wondered if the US Postal Service can survive in the digital age. They've tried a few random things here and there, but most of them have been pretty silly (e.g., you could email the Post Office a letter, which they'd print out and deliver to someone's mailbox). However, it looks like someone finally realized that while the rise of the internet may have decimated the market for some types of mail, it's boosted individual shipments of packages from residential users thanks to eBay. With that in mind, they might as well jump on the eBay bandwagon and help train people to become eBay sellers -- while (of course) using the Post Office for all their shipping. While it makes sense for the Postal Service to do this, you have to wonder if some other online auction firms may get a bit upset that the US Postal Service seems to be promoting eBay over other online auction sites.

Posted by dymaxion at August 25, 2005 05:19 PM


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