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August 08, 2005

Report: Google To Acquire IM Social Networker Meetroduction

: Google is on the verge of acquiring Chicago-based Meetroduction LLC, makers of location-aware social networking software Meetro, according to InternetNews.com. Not bad considering the software just launched Aug. 4 and the company was founded in October 2004 by Paul Bragiel and Wendell Davis.
The idea of using software to match people in geographic proximity isn't new. In fact, in May Google acq-hired Dodgeball, a service that sends out messages by mobile phone whenever someone wants to get together with people in a certain geographic area.
What makes this different is IM -- Meetro combines IM with local buddy finding. You can look for people (who want to be found) who have similar interests and are located within a certain distance. It works with multiple versions including Yahoo, AIM and ICQ; no MSN or Jabber yet.
This adds to the rumors of Google's interest in offering its own IM. The company needs to be stickier and that's one way of doing it.
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