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August 15, 2005

Roughly 1 In 10 Blog Readers Now Using RSS; Majority Still Clueless About It

: Somehow I missed the memo about today being Research Monday. Here's one from Nielsen NetRatings reporting that 11 percent of blog readers opt for RSS. Roughly 6.4 percent use a web site to aggregate while 4.9 percent use "feed aggregation software."
This may be the most important point: the majority of respondents weren't familiar with RSS -- 66 percent had either never heard of it or never used it. Of those, 50 percent had never heard about it before being asked for the survey while 15.7 percent had heard of RS but didn't know what it does. Another 23 percent said they knew about RSS but never used it. This is particularly interesting in light of a heated discussion now taking place in some forums about whether RSS should be used as the term for web feeds or whether feeds or web feeds make more sense. I have a feeling the majority of those in this survey would have responsed the same way to either term.
The issue isn't what you call it -- after, all how many consumers know what DVD stands for or that they're reading a site that uses CSS? It's how you educate people and how you make new technology accessible. It matters to us but, done right, most people probably don't need to know what it's called. This is increasingly important to major media companies trying to incorporate RSS into their plans.

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