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August 25, 2005

Technorati – Time To Ignore

I notice that in most cases Technorati cosmos search does not work at all. I can say with reasonable definiteness that Technorati tag does not work at all – atleast in my case. There’s no use in claiming coverage of additional millions of blogs every quarter, when the existing coverage quality can not be maintained. Om Malik has a detailed note on the deficiencies of the tagging system in Technorati. Noting said about technorati excites me anymore.

Jason Kottke echoes similar views when he writes, No more Technorati. He points out that the results are often unavailable for queries with large result sets (i.e. this is only going to become a bigger problem as time goes on), and most of the rest of the time it's slow as molasses. When it does return results in a timely fashion for links, the results often include old links seen before in the results set, sometimes from months ago. And that's to say nothing of the links Technorati doesn't even display. Results compared with comparable results shows that Technorati is seriously deficient.
Technorati sucks. For the sake of the growth of the blogosphere, it is better that technorati gets acquired by larger player with lot more resources and a better plan to scalability and maintaining search quality. For the sake of curiosity, am tagging this post as Technorati - to see how Technorati picks this up and shows in results .

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