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August 15, 2005

Technorati - Finding A Suitor

BL Ochman scoops, is about to be sold to a large search engine company. She thinks , the deal should go down in about a week. Speculation ranges from Yahoo to Google to Newscorp to Mark Cuban as prospective buyers. I do not have any inside information - but I can say one thing - considering the significant changes that Technorati has seen in the last six months or so and considering that the market looks hot and a few big deals are happening in the market - this may be a possibility. Jeff Jarvis reports that this coule be just a rumour. Niall Kennedy point out this to potential buyers. If I were Dave, I would definitely look at a sale option, if the price is indeed good. As a leader in the blogspace search market - Technorati is always an attractive option lets wait & see.

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