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August 25, 2005

Traffic ticket update: we won!

Mark Frauenfelder: Beatticket
(Click on thumbnail for enlargement) I'm very happy to report that the traffic ticket my wife got last year was dismissed. (Read all about the lousy circumstances surrounding the ticket here.)

I thank the folks at Ticket Assassin for helping me beat this ticket. I paid $25 for the TicketAssassin Shareware, "an arsenal of forms, examples and guidelines assembled to help you fight your ticket via Trial By Written Declaration, a process you can do entirely by mail. This collection includes specific court documents needed to contest your case, dozens of examples, and comprehensive, easy-to-follow directions and guidelines for their proper use."

The TicketAssassin folks also answered my emailed questions about the specifics of the ticket.

And it worked! The ticket was dismissed and the check I sent for $190 is being returned.

Trial By Written Declaration is the best way to fight a ticket. I am thrilled with TicketAssassin!

Posted by dymaxion at August 25, 2005 04:02 PM


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