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August 01, 2005

With Skype Out Toll Free Numbers Can Now Be Dialed-Update

So now if you have Skype Out you can now dial toll free telephone numbers in four countries if you use Skype or SkypeOut

FYI-I read they have made the change from SkypeOut only to all users thanks to a Home Run club reader.

But what I think they should have done, which they didn't was create a directory of "frequently" desired toll free numbers such as UPS, Fed Ex, Airlines, Hotel Chains, Car Rental services, banks, credit card companies and provide all their users with that feature to point and add those numbers to their directory. So without sounding like Stuart @ Skype Journal why isn't there a fast load feature for these numbers depending on country of preference so I can add them without having to look up the numbers.

Skype should be different than the regular phone, but with this move, all they've done is become a substitute, not something different for toll free calling.

Well, there is always next week for those guys @ Skype :-)

Posted by dymaxion at August 1, 2005 10:54 PM


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