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September 26, 2005

Feedshot - New Blog Submission Service

I received a mail from Rob W. - creator of Feedshot who tipped me off to his new service, FeedShot. Looks pretty cool, and thought it definitely worth a mention.

While submissions to search engines is not necessarily a new idea, I haven't seen too many for blog search engines...and hey, it's free! I'm sure he'll be adding to it, so it's certainly a nice site to watch if you do any type of blog promotion.

I've just launched a service called FeedShot that submits an RSS or Atom feed to 17 blog search engines. It covers all the major engines (DayPop, Feedster, IceRocket, and Technorati), and the list is expanding every week. The service is free, and it's set up to do the initial submission for a feed, rather than as a pinging service. The best part is a report indicating which submissions were successful, which failed, and which were duplicates.

Posted by dymaxion at September 26, 2005 11:45 PM


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