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November 16, 2005

Microsoft Benefits Out Of Intel Based Mac

Applepeels thinks that it is a distinct possibility that Bill Gates(Microsoft) ends up making more money than Steve Jobs does off of the first Intel based Mac. Based on last year PiperJaffrey estimates - Apple sold 138K Mac minis in the first quarter after introduction. If Mac mini becomes the first Macintosh to ship with an Intel processor and if Apple sells 50% more of them than they did last year in the same period - that would put the estimate of Apple's Q2 FY06 Mac mini shipments at 207,000. If 50% or more of these Mac users install Windows on these systems and since they likely don't own a copy of Windows, they will end up buying one. They have probably already got a Mac so getting a system with If the estimate o the gross margin on the mini product is 18%. He concludes by writing that 207,000 Mac minis sold at an average price of $549 for a total revenue to Apple of $113,643,000, the 18% gross margin comes to $113M, the total gross margin dollars for Steve on his first Intel product come out to be $20,455,740. At around 200$ per seat for Mac- the max.sale on license comes to 23 million US$. Add to this more money that Microsoft would make based on the sale of other desktop products .

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