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December 07, 2005

Celebrities Looking Bad in HDTV: Silly Talk or Serious Issue?

It seems HDTV (high-definition TV) could shake up Hollywod. The unforgiving clarity of high-definition television has induced paranoia among celebrities obsessed with their appearance, reports The Telegraph via TV Predictions via digg.com.

The technology, soon to become available in Britain, produces images so sharp that even subtle imperfections, usually hidden by make-up or flattering lighting, are brutally exposed.

s have begun savaging stars normally considered attractive who appear haggard or saggy in the new medium, which boasts resolution six times that of normal television.

... Philip Swann, whose website TV Predictions covers television technology, said: "With high-definition television facial imperfections and ageing signs are dramatically visible." He said many celebrities were "scared to death" by the technology.

... Swann thinks that the technology could affect casting decisions and the longevity of careers. He believes that it could wrong-foot the "Hollywood glamour machine" which turns ordinary-looking people into stars, thanks to glossy magazine shoots and air-brushed videos.

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