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December 01, 2005

Construction of ICANN's Red Light District Put On Hold

ICANN's plans to implement a .xxx domain are in limbo after their consideration was removed from the agenda of a meeting, with no word on when or if they'd be brought up again. There's been plenty of controversy since the plans were initially approved back in June (as there have been since it was devised years ago), and it's unclear just why it's been dropped. The official line is that ICANN's governmental advisory committee needs more time to review a 350-page report on .xxx that was released only this week, even though it was completed in August, but rumors say there was some high-level intervention from an EU commissioner, but the safer bet would be on pressure from the US government, whose conservative allies aren't happy with the idea of a porn-only domain. If the latter is true, it's certain to raise more questions about US government control of the Internet, and ICANN in particular.

Posted by dymaxion at December 1, 2005 11:17 PM


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