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December 07, 2005

EPO and Free PDF Downloads

EPO offers PDF patent downloads now. According to Greg Aharonian @ Internet Patent News Service,

...as of November 4th, the European Patent Office is allowing
people to download a full image copy of any patent in their databases in
PDF format, with just a few clicks (one click to select a full download,
one question box to see if you are human). Then sit back and watch the
download. This, after being able to view individual pages of patents in
PDF format. Goto the espacenet Web page where you can type in a patent


type in a patent number, and after a clicks, voila, you have a PDF file.

Speaking of Internet Patent News Service (PATNEWS), it is an excellent resource for Patent Office controversies, insight into the inner workings of the Patent Office, patent policy, etc. Information on subscribing can be found here.

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