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December 22, 2005

Proposed U.S. Law Would Outlaw Devices That Convert Analog Video To Digital Unless Copyright Is Protected

: With all the talk about portable media, it's important to remember that, to many content producers and distributors, "what you want when you want it where you want" should work only when they say so. Control is still at the hub of every decision and sought after on every level which goes a long way to explaining efforts to legislate copyright protection on media devices. U.S. Rep. James Sesenbrenner, R-Wis, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is proposing -- and U.S. Rep John Conyers, D-NY is backing -- the Digital Transition Security Act , designed to placate Hollywood while restricting the rights of consumers to convert analog video signals into digital. For instance, it would be illegal to manufacture or sell PC TV tuners, PVRs and DVR-enabled set-tops unless specified anti-copying measures are supported.
It's meant, as Declan McCullagh explains so well, to plug the "analog hole" ie "the practice of converting copy-protected digital material to analog format, stripping away copy protection, and shifting the material back to digital format with only a slight loss in quality."
With Congress heading into recess, nothing is happening in the very near future but look for consumer groups and the consumer electronics industry to get involved. The MPAA will lobbying for it, of course.

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