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December 01, 2005

Redmond Mulls Emergency Patch but why the concern now!

Why is Microsoft all of a sudden worried about issuing an emergency patch to fix a gaping hole in Internet Explorer. The reason they are worried now is that a "0" day exploit has shown up in the wild and is destroying computers. Microsoft needs to have a more aggressive stance in being pro-active in finding these problems before hackers do. But this company has gotten so big they don't know what the word agile means anymore.

Wasn't Bill Gates on this bandwagon saying security is our number one concern some time ago? I am not buying it to me they are talking out both sides of their mouth's and this time people will likely get spanked because they are to slow to react. Use some of those billions you have Bill and pay some people overtime and don't tell me you don't have enough people, guess what you have had plenty of time to hire people.

Leadership starts at the top and I think I would be paying a visit to my departments every day and putting some pressure on those in charge to get these ongoing security holes patched quicker. You got money lets throw some of it at the problem. Here is a idea you need to hire about 100 of the best hackers and crackers you can find, pay them a boat load of money and have them do nothing but try to exploit your program, find out where your true weak points are instead of inviting hackers in every six months for show and tell. Money talks bullshit walks and your customers are going to wake up with machines that have been destroyed, memories, lost, identities stolen or worse. You say your concerned about security yet we just don't see it on this side of the fence.

This is one of the reasons I tell every person I can use Firefox don't be stupid and use Internet Explorer, it has more holes in it than swiss cheese Firefox is not immune but it doesn't take them six months to patch a bug either. [eWeek.com]

Posted by dymaxion at December 1, 2005 10:59 PM


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