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October 31, 2005

Solar Energy Projects, Installations News Summary

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Solar Power as Viewed by an Investor

Solar Powered: An Emerging Growth Industry Facing Serious Growth ... The review of solar technology is extremely good for anyone who needs a concise overview ... They state, p 21: With strong demand worldwide, we anticiapate the solar ...

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Portugal To Build World's Largest Solar Power Site

The site will be built by BP Solar and is supposed to be ready for 2007, will cost US$302 million, will have 350000 solar panels and will cover 114 hectares (280 acres) of land. As of 2004, Portugal had 0.25W/capita of installed ...

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UK Nuclear Update

We need to see how the existing energy technologies we have such as wind, solar and - yes - nuclear, together with new technologies such as fuel cells and carbon capture and storage, can generate the low carbon power the world needs. ...

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Is Nuclear Power Part Of Australia’s Global Warming Solutions ?

By contrast, the amount of wind power and solar energy is increasing rapidly. The actual figures for the rate of increase in the level of different forms of electricity supply for the decade up to 2003 are striking: wind nearly 30 per ...

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Impact of silicon shortage on solar PV industry

... highlights Evergreen Solar Inc. (string ribbon technology) and Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (cadmium-free thin film technology) as top investment picks. ... BTW: Thanks to The Energy Blog for drawing my attention to this report. ...

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Nanostructure Discovery by HelioVolt CEO Propels Solar Thin-Film...

his team, HelioVolt Corporation, a next-generation solar energy technology company, today announced the joint publication with researchers from the National Renewable Energy Lab

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October 25, 2005

Solar Hot Water at the Solar Decathlon

Cornell had the highest solar water heating points at the Solar Decathlon. They used "evacuated solar thermal tubes" and managed to have hot showers despite having overcast weather for most of the week. Apricus, a well-known manufacturer of evac

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first solar cell manufacturing plant in s'pore

Singapore to open its first solar cell manufacturing plant

SUNNY Singapore is taking small but significant steps to harness solar power.

The country's first solar cell manufacturing plant will open its doors in Woodlands next January, initially producing enough cells to power 2,700 homes every year and expanding capacity six-fold by 2009.

By next March, the installation of Singapore's largest solar demonstration project could pave the way for the popularisation of this environmentally friendly technology.

Known as photovoltaic or PV cells, solar cells can convert the sun's rays into electricity. Though they are expensive, they dramatically reduce power bills or eliminate them altogether.

Set up by local company Solar Energy Power or SEP, the Singapore-made cells will be aimed initially at the export market.

The company's managing director, Mr Freddy Goh, said yesterday that although the factory will not open for another two months, SEP has already received enough orders to keep it busy for the whole of next year, with demand from places like Germany, Taiwan and India.

'With soaring oil prices, it's not surprising that more and more countries are looking to solar power,' Dr Goh told The Straits Times at a symposium on renewable energies organised by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 'That's an opportunity we wish to exploit.'

Opening the symposium, Environment and Water Resources Minister Yaacob Ibrahim said Singapore has 'significant competitive advantages' in exploiting solar power.
As PV technologies become less expensive and oil prices continue to soar, the 'sunbelt countries' along the equator will be among the first to adopt solar technologies in a big way, said Dr Yaacob.

'Singapore is well positioned to serve this market,' he said.

However, Singapore's tryst with solar power is unlikely to be limited to the export market.

The German Energy Agency said yesterday it will set up what is likely to be Singapore's largest solar power demonstration project.

By next March, 200 sq m of solar cells - covering an area roughly half the size of a basketball court - will be set up on the rooftop of either the German School in Bukit Timah or the German Centre in Jurong.

Costing about 100,000 euros (S$200,000), the solar system will generate enough electricity to feed nine Housing Board homes every year, said Assistant Professor Stephen Wittkopf of the National University of Singapore, who is assisting with the project.

Initially, the building owners will use the electricity generated to power their own devices. 'But we hope one day, they will be able to sell it to the Singapore grid,' said Mr Berthold Breid, a director at the German agency.
In many countries overseas, individuals or organisations that generate solar power can sell the power back to the country's main grid, which then distributes it to homes and offices.

However, this is currently not permitted in Singapore.

- Straits Times, 25 Oct 2005.

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We're participating in a solar energy performance monitoring project, which is being sponsored by SRP (Salt River Project - our power company). SRP is monitoring five solar photovoltaic systems over the course of six months to determine ...

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Sunny Future for Nanocrystal Solar Cells ¦ Science Blog

Sunny Future for Nanocrystal Solar Cells ¦ Science Blog This is precious: “Solar energy is in many ways an ideal choice. As a source it is plentiful – the sun shines approximately 1000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet’s ...

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Stirling Engine update

August 11, 2005, Southern California Edison announced an agreement to purchase solar powered Stirling engines from Stirling Energy Systems over a ... These systems - to be installed on a 4500 acre (19 km²) solar farm - will use mirrors ...

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France : Developing solar energy

... Centre for Scientific Research) and Spanish, German and Swiss teams have decided to co-ordinate their research efforts in the field of solar-energy systems, particularly the conversion and storage of concentrated solar energy. ...

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Solar Action Network Alert

The Senate version is significantly more favorable to solar energy technology than the House version. NEITHER, however, can be said to be much more than a repeat of the 2005 proposed legislation. ASES opposed the 2005 legislation ...

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Climate model predicts dramatic changes over the next 100 years

... incorporated in past studies, such as the effects of snow reflecting solar energy back into space and of high mountain ranges blocking weather fronts from traveling across them, said Noah S. Diffenbaugh, the team's lead scientist. ...

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yay solar energy

Work on the world's largest solar energy station, which will produce enough electricity to power 21000 homes, is to start near the southern Portuguese town of Moura next year. The 62-megawatt plant, which will use 350000 solar panels ...

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Utilities commission approves credits for solar and other ... - Asheville Citizen-Times

Utilities commission approves credits for solar and other ...
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - Oct 21, 2005
... “Our phone has been ringing off the hook,” said Dave Hollister, president of Sundance Power Systems. “People recognize that solar energy and renewable ...

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Federal Bill Helps Homeowners on Solar Energy - The Ledger

Federal Bill Helps Homeowners on Solar Energy
The Ledger, FL - Oct 23, 2005
... Bill in August, few noticed what may turn out to be the bill's most important provision -- the first federal tax credits for residential solar energy in more ...

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Italy unveils solar-energy train - ANSA

Italy unveils solar-energy train
ANSA, Italy - Oct 20, 2005
... of train power in Japan . A miniature railway in Wales is wholly powered by solar energy . At today's presentation, Testore also ...

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Energy experts coming to Elko for conference

and the process of bringing a solar energy plant to Nevada. The Nevada Commission on Economic Development is accepting advance registration through Tuesday for the conference.

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China tech trio headed for Nasdaq IPOs

$100 million, respectively. A third company, solar energy equipment maker Suntech Power, is planning a roughly $200 million IPO on the Nasdaq by the end of the year, according to a

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General Meeting

... General Meeting Start: Nov 2 2005 - 7:00pm Description: Come out to the 4th general meeting and listen to Ty Newell speak on a variety of topics ranging from recycling to solar energy! Meetings login or register to post comments – calendar ...

Engineers Without Borders | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Technorati this

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Indonésia confirma quarta morte pelo vírus H5N1

... Leia mais (25/10/2005 - 04h03) ...

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Deadly Flu Will Reach U.S., Says Bird Migration Expert

topping health officials worry list right now is called H5N1. Most of the cases of human infection by H5N1, dating back to 1997, have involved people who handled infected poultry or touched... are concerned that the H5N1 virus one day could be able to infect humans and spread easily from one person to another, according to a CDC statement. If the H5N1 virus were able to infect people and spread... H5N1, but scientists around the world are working on it, the CDC says. Roswell, Season 3. Now on DVD

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October 21, 2005

A 30 000 MW Wind Farm in Canada ?

Although Canada has benefited from abundant hydroelectric resources, it is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels and nuclear energy for electricity generation. ... Plastic solar cells can't yet compete with conventional silicon ...

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Environmental award for solar energy guru

The 16th International Rheinland Award for Environmental Protection has been awarded to Prof Dr Joachim Luther, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Technology.

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AUSTIN, TX � October 17, 2003, 10:00 AM CST � Texa...

... and solar energy could quickly free us from OPECs shackles. Hulagus Web In the first quarter of 2005.... A Dream for a Future with Alternative Energy America has become a vassal state to OPEC. Our military... countries are taking necessary actions to replace oil as their principle energy source. Germany ...

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Ashland considers solar energy options

... Despite big new tax breaks that cover two-thirds of the cost, getting your own solar energy panel is still a big investment with a slow return. The city of Ashland wants to change that, possibly finding a way to "put up a big system and sell chunks of it," said city energy director Dick Wandersheid. ...

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Iran braces for bird flu as fowl migrate for winter - IranMania News

Washington Post
Iran braces for bird flu as fowl migrate for winter
IranMania News, Iran - 2 hours ago
... Turkish veterinary teams have killed more than 8,000 turkeys, chickens and geese after an outbreak of the virulent H5N1 strain that has killed more than 60 ...
EU: Bird flu is a global threat Aljazeera.net
Iran braces for bird flu NEWS.com.au
First tests show no flu in Turkey Taipei Times
News24 - Daily Star - Lebanon - all 88 related

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October 20, 2005

TIME.com: Why Roche Released Tamiflu -- Page 1

TIME.com: Why Roche Released Tamiflu -- Page 1 (info)
http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1120533,00.html?promoid=rs s_top
Posted by Declan to roche Tamiflu AvianFlu drugs on Thu Oct 20 2005 at 06:01 UTC

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Human virus 'science fiction' - News24

Human virus 'science fiction'
News24, South Africa - 1 hour ago
... Spanish Agricultural Minister Elena Espinosa said on the private radio station Cadena Ser, as Europe braced for the further spread of the H5N1 strain of the ...
Bird-flu expert advises public not to overreact Business Day
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Taiwan says found H5N1 in birds smuggled from China - Reuters AlertNet

Taiwan says found H5N1 in birds smuggled from China
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 5 hours ago
TAIPEI, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Taiwan's Council of Agriculture said on Thursday it had found birds infected with H5N1 avian flu in a container smuggled from China ...
Birds smuggled to Taiwan from China test positive for bird flu ... Forbes
Taiwan confirms first bird flu case Edinburgh Evening News
Taiwan stages rare drill to combat bird flu TODAYonline
Reuters AlertNet - Khaleej Times - all 8 related

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HK to close border if H5N1 virus mutates in China - Reuters AlertNet

Voice of America
HK to close border if H5N1 virus mutates in China
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 2 hours ago
... KONG, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Hong Kong's health minister said on Thursday the city would close its border with mainland China if cases of the deadly H5N1 bird flu ...
Following is an updated factfile on scientific and medical aspects ... TODAYonline
County physician has information about bird flu virus Daily Democrat
Hong Kong prepares for 14,000-plus casualties in bird flu outbreak Bangkok Post
Almendhar - Reuters.uk - all 16 related

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Bird flu in Russia

The bird flu virus has spread to western Russia, with the deadly H5N1 strain reportedly detected in initial tests in the Tula region south of Moscow, where hundreds of birds have died.... [CONTINUED]. The Russian daily Vremya reported ...

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Bad news from Russia and China

Russia and China have both reported new outbreaks of avian flu, according to Channelnewsasia.com.

Russia's agriculture ministry said the virulent H5N1 virus - already detected in Siberia in the summer - had been detected in the province of Tula, west of the Ural mountains, apparently borne by wild ducks.

In an immediate response, the European Union - which suffered a new blow as a fresh case of the lethal version of the virus was found in Romania - announced plans to extend a ban on Russian bird imports.
. . .

In Moscow, authorities confirmed that the virus in Tula was the H5N1 type, which was found in Siberia.

"We have confirmation from the laboratory that it is the H5N1 form" of bird flu, Nikolai Vlasov, deputy head of the ministry's veterinary control department, told AFP.

The announcement marks the the first time the virus has arrived west of the Urals in Russia. Russia has culled hundreds of thousands of fowl and imposed numerous quarantines in a bid to wipe out the virus.

In Beijing meanwhile authorities announced China's first reported outbreak of bird flu in more than two months, saying the disease had killed 2,600 birds, mostly chickens, on a farm in its northern Inner Mongolia region.

The national bird flu laboratory confirmed that an epidemic on a farm near the Inner Mongolian capital of Hohhot was the H5N1 strain, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The brief Xinhua report said the ministry of agriculture had immediately dispatched teams to ensure necessary quarantine and disinfection measures were undertaken.

ort was brief indeed; I couldn't find it on the Xinhua site. But the story was on CBC Radio news early this morning, so the mass media are following the spread of H5N1 more closely than usual.

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Brazil prepares for H5N1

Brazil is getting ready for avian flu, according to a story on Reuters.com.

Brazil shipped 2.47 million tonnes of poultry worth $2.6 billion in 2004, overtaking the United States as the top poultry exporter.

"We are updating emergency sanitary measures with greater emphasis on bird flu," Inacio Afonso Kroetz, acting secretary of animal and plant protection, told Reuters.
Brazil's contingency plan, due to be finalized by this weekend, would reinforce airport controls. Brazilian poultry production would be regionalized so that if bird flu was found, eradication measures, such as slaughter of birds, could be more easily restricted to the infected area.

A similar measure exists for foot-and-mouth disease. The aim is to allow importing countries to ban poultry purchases only from the infected area, not from all Brazil.

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Vietnam: New avian flu outbreak

This is my long teaching day, and I've had fun with my two classes. But it's now turning into a grim blogging night: Thanh Nien News reports a new avian flu outbreak in Vietnam.

All told, 400 ducks have perished in Vietnam's southern Bac Lieu province, stricken with bird flu, a local official said Tuesday.

"According to tests by the Regional Animal Health Center in Can Tho city, the fowl were infected with a type A bird flu virus strain," said Nguyen Phuc Tai, director of the provincial Animal Health Department.

Some 400 out of over 500 ducks raised by a local farmer in Hong Dan district died by Monday, he said, adding that the whole flock, which had yet to be vaccinated against bird flu, was culled Tuesday morning.

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Bird flu flares again in Asia, kills 13th Thai (Reuters)

Bird flu has killed a 48-year-old man in Thailand, the country's first human death in a year, as the deadly H5N1 virus that has now spread to Europe reared its head again in two nations in southeast Asia.

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More bird flu in Romania (News Interactive)Yahoo! News - Search Results for new computer virus

TESTS carried out in Britain confirmed the presence of new cases of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in Romania, at Maliuc in the Danube delta, Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur said.

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Un prototype de vaccin contre la grippe aviaire donne des résultats encourageants.

... mortel H5N1 dans le cas où celui-ci muterait pour se transmettre de personne à personne, entraînant le... national d'épidémiologie à partir d'une souche du virus aviaire H5N1 apparu à Hong Kong en 1997 et ...

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... 最近電視上很熱門的疾病 前幾天 本院收了疑似的病人 當然啦 最後證實不是 大家都很放心 post醫院相關的資訊 有空看看 希望大家都平安 何謂禽流感? 去年二月中旬香港確定一位九歲的男童與父親感染了H5N1禽流感病毒事件...。 《病毒型式》 禽流感病毒一般有兩種型式,包括高病原性(highly pathogenic AI)如H5N1,另外一種形式是低病原性(low-pathogenic AI),如H5N2,而台灣南部地區所驗出的禽流感病毒都屬於低病原性的H5N2型病毒株。 其中高病原性禽流感是其中較?嚴重的一類,傳染性很強並會致死,該病毒的分離株也同樣具有高致病性,家禽在感染H5N1病毒後即使倖存下來也具有傳染性 ...

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October 18, 2005

Making a Model of Global Warming

Making a Model of Global Warming

The severity of these environmental changes will be largely dependent on how much the Earth’s surface warms over the next century. As the wide range of estimates for average global surface temperature suggests, researchers haven’t exactly reached a consensus. The reason for the wide range simply comes down to the difficulty inherent in predicting the outcomes of current trends in both human society and the Earth’s climate system.

To get their estimates for future warming, scientists must first discern how much human industry and expansion will impact the Earth over the next 100 years. Researchers typically review a wide range of socioeconomic data such as worldwide population trends and then come up with varying scenarios describing mankind’s future. For the IPCC report, sixteen such scenarios were developed. The worst case scenarios, typically known as the “business as usual” scenarios, go on the assumption that population growth in developing nations will proceed unabated and the entire world will continue to use more and more fossil fuel per capita. The best case scenarios envision a world in which environmentally friendly technologies such as fuel cells and solar panels replace much of today’s fossil fuel combustion and the population increase is halted by an improved standard of living worldwide. Using these projections, researchers arrive at estimates for how much carbon dioxide, soot, ozone and other pollutants people will put into the air over the next 100 years. Obviously, the “business as usual” scenarios have people producing the most pollution, and the eco-friendly scenarios have people producing the least pollution.

But projections of greenhouse gas concentrations alone cannot tell scientists how much the Earth’s surface will warm or the climate will change. To make forecasts, they must employ climate models, which are essentially computer simulations of the climate. These models are a bit like those computer programs detectives use to envision what missing persons would look like ten years after their disappearance. But instead of being constructed on the knowledge and data on how people’s faces age, these models are constructed on the knowledge and data of the Earth’s climate. After inputting estimates for future greenhouse gas emissions, scientists run the models forward into many possible futures. Some of these models simply produce forecasts of the Earth’s temperature, while others are built to predict other changes in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

Scientists study past trends to predict future changes. The graph above shows the increasing concentration of the three most significant greenhouse gases—methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Since 1850 the concentration of methane has increased 125%, carbon dioxide 30%, and nitrous oxide 15%—and the rate of increase is accelerating. The additional methane in the atmosphere has increased the energy trapped by the atmosphere (called radiative forcing) by 0.48 watts per meter squared, carbon dioxide 1.46 watts per meter squared, and nitrous oxide 0.15 watts per meter squared. (Graph by Robert Simmon, based on data from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies)

Even the simplest of these models can be exceedingly complex. When piecing together models to estimate the Earth’s average surface temperature, scientists must take into account everything on the Earth that blocks outgoing thermal radiation or reflects sunlight into space as well as possible changes in the radiation emitted by the sun itself. There are, in fact, a myriad of unnatural and natural factors in addition to greenhouse gases that could sway global surface temperatures one way or the other in the future. Some of these influences are human made and some are natural. Some directly impact the amount of radiation absorbed by the Earth, and scientists expect others will be triggered as the climate heats up.

Some human activities may help offset global warming. For example, scientists estimate the increased presence of atmospheric aerosols have offset global warming due to greenhouse gases by as much as 40 percent. When fossil fuels burn, they not only release greenhouse gases, but also sulfur dioxide. The sulfur dioxide gets into the air and mixes with oxygen to create sulfate aerosol particles, which reflect sunlight. Aerosols only stay in the air anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, whereas greenhouse gases can remain anywhere from years to decades. Still, in places like the eastern United States, Africa, Brazil, China, and the Indian subcontinent—where particulate pollution is quite heavy at times—aerosols can significantly cool the surface.

Scientists are currently not sure what role clouds will play in a future global warming scenario. They could possibly change to either enhance or to offset any warming due to greenhouse gases. For instance, as the Earth heats up, the cloud composition in the atmosphere could change dramatically. Low lying clouds could evaporate during the daytime hours and more high flying cirrus clouds could form as surface heat causes the air to rise. Since low lying clouds tend to reflect sunlight and higher clouds absorb heat radiation, the overall effect of these changes would be an increase in the amount of energy trapped in the atmosphere.

As if these warming and cooling influences weren’t enough to keep track of, some evidence suggests global warming may have a delay built into it. Given the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now, a number of Earth scientists calculate that the Earth should be 0.5°C warmer than it is today. Temperature readings obtained from several hundred meters below the ocean’s surface suggest that this extra energy could be lurking down there. The theory is that as the Earth has warmed, much of the excess energy has gone into heating the upper layers of the ocean, giving rise to a temperature imbalance between the surface waters and the deep waters. It is thought that convection currents in the ocean may have transported some of this excess heat in the surface waters down deep, effectively removing it from the surface of our planet. Were this process to continue, the temperatures of the lower layers of the ocean would eventually increase until they are once again in balance with the surface waters. At this point, the excess heat in the upper layers would no longer be drawn down, and the Earth would warm to a higher level. So even if we drastically lower our emissions today, we could still be in for a 0.5°C additional warming.

Climate modelers must consider dozens of such factors, boil them down into equation form, and pack them into their models. Not all models are built alike. There is quite a lot of disagreement among Earth scientists as to how much of a role factors such as aerosols and clouds will play in heating the Earth and how they should be incorporated into the models. For instance, NASA climate modelers at GISS have evidence that black carbon aerosol particles (soot) contributes significantly to warming of the lower atmosphere, since they absorb incoming radiation. The IPCC, on the other hand, estimates that black soot plays only a very small role in warming. Each research group or agency builds its models accordingly, and the choices made influence the forecasts derived from the models. Even when modelers do agree on the mechanisms involved, many of these factors have a great deal of uncertainty associated with them.

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Nanosolar, cheap photovoltaic cells as plastic film

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Israel could gain $2b in 10 years from solar energy: Study: Israel ...

The project will created an estimated several thousands solar energy equipment manufacturing jobs. The current disadvantage of solar energy is that facilities only work during daylight, requiring a six-eight dunam (1.5-2 acre) are to ...

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Solar is Hot

In case you needed some additional confirmation that the interest in alternative energy systems is skyrocketing, the New York Times ... Worldwide solar power generation nearly doubled over the 2003-2004 period, and 2005 looks to be ...

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UCLA, Wake Forest, each claim major solar energy affordability ...

UCLA engineers pioneer affordable alternative energy-solar energy cells made of ... The efficiency of the cell is the percentage of energy the solar cell ... But the NMSU/Wake Forest team has achieved a solar energy efficiency level of ...

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Solar Decathlon. Washington DC

Little did I know of passive solar energy and the importance of daylighting to save energy. Low emissivity windows. Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) that use heat exchangers to transfer heat from outgoing air to the incoming air. ...

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Solar Decatheletes Got the Heat and the Juice

Team Wins 2005 Solar Decathalon" from the AP, reports that a team from the University of Colorado designed the most attractive and energy efficient solar powered home beating teams from 18 other schools to win the 2005 Solar ...

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Solargenix to build 64 megawatt photovoltaic plant in Boulder City, NV

Solargenix Energy says that Nevada Solar One will will be the third largest solar thermal electric power plant in the ... Buy solar energy system online via OK Solar ... energy business research solar energy blogs Blogging development ...

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France : Developing solar energy

... Centre for Scientific Research) and Spanish, German and Swiss teams have decided to co-ordinate their research efforts in the field of solar-energy systems, particularly the conversion and storage of concentrated solar energy. ...

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India's President Seeks Energy Security

These would in turn reduce the cost of solar energy production. ... We thus need to embark on a major national programme in solar energy systems and ... By the year 2030, India should achieve energy independence through solar power and ...

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Chemists Look for Better Ways to Store Solar Energy

Caltech and MIT chemists have launched a new research program to pursue efficient, economical ways to store solar energy in the form of chemical bonds.

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Sustainable Energy @ WSU - Senate Bill 6129

A recent report by the WSU Energy Program recognized the solar electric industry as one of the state's important growth industries. ... The following tax incentives are provided for solar energy system manufacturers or ...

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yay solar energy

Work on the world's largest solar energy station, which will produce enough electricity to power 21000 homes, is to start near the southern Portuguese town of Moura next year. The 62-megawatt plant, which will use 350000 solar panels ...

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Solar energy stored efficiently

For the first time solar energy has been successfully used in a pilot-plant to create storable energy from a metal ore. ... Closed zinc cycle: Producing zinc with solar energy forms a zinc oxide - zinc cycle and leads to zinc batteries ...

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Growth of Solar

... Here are some additional notes I took from the Solar Energy conference. I was meaning to post... to install solar and wind turbines to supply energy to those buildings as well. A key asset they can also... communities. Half of the homes will we zero energy emissions and make extensive use of solar ...

Alternative Energy Stocks: The Investor Resource for Alternative Energy Stocks Technorati this

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UCLA Team Cuts Photovoltaics Cost With Plastics

... represents nearly half of the total installed cost of a traditional solar energy system... in prohibitively high costs that rule out solar energy as an option for the average consumer. Made... certification organization for solar technology, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL ...

Enviropundit: Green Building Blog Technorati this

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International team of scientists finds method of producing hydrogen through solar energy

... "According to Fuel Cell Today, scientists from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and France may have overcome the main problem of using hydrogen as a clean fuel source (it usually takes a dirty fuel source like fossil fuels to create it) by using solar furnaces to heat zinc oxide and small amounts ...

Hydrogen Economy Technorati this

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October 07, 2005

Q-Cells IPO Raises $288.5M

Signaling rising investor interest in the solar energy industry, shares of Germany 's Q-Cells, the largest solar-cell producer in Europe , rose 27 percent in the company's stock

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October 06, 2005

The solar industry says: "It's not about hippies anymore"

substitutes even cheaper). From the Charlotte.com article A renewed look at solar power : Worldwide, sales of solar systems are expected to reach $11 billion this year, up from $7 billion last year, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, a Washington, D.C., trade group. Industry... year, solar power accounts for less than 1 percent. But that is growing, said Solar Energy trade... additional lure: Federal tax breaks for solar systems kick in Jan. 1 -- coinciding with predicted record

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October 05, 2005


Earthtoys (press release) - Oct 2, 2005
Approval of 18,500 Sq. Ft. Solar Energy System at Pier 96 Comes as New Data Shows Moscone Center System Exceeding Solar Generation Projections in First Year. ...

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Energy Department Holds Solar Energy-Saving Competition - Washington File

Energy Department Holds Solar Energy-Saving Competition
Washington File, DC - Oct 4, 2005
... houses from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Spain are arriving in Washington for the US Department of Energy (DOE) 2005 Solar Decathlon October 7-16 ...
AMD goes green despite endangering salamanders' health Inquirer
AMD Sponsors Solar Decathlon Team To Increase Awareness Of ... noticias.info
AMD Sponsors UT Solar Decathlon Team Digital Silence
KSBI 52 - all 10 related

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