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December 19, 2005

Solar tax incentives in your stocking

In an article on the booming solar industry, Robert C. Bellemare, P.E., President and CEO of the consulting firm UtiliPoint, says:

The solar energy industry received a tiny share of the energy bill subsidies, yet there are some provisions in the bill that may help to further stimulate demand. The bill increases tax credits for solar installations at commercial facilities but also gives homeowners their first federal tax credits for solar installations in 20 years. The tax credits are scheduled to last only two years but, like the wind industry, I would expect that through heavy lobbying efforts they will get renewed on two year cycles.

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Honda's New Business Venture: Solar Powernbc4.com - Money

Describing itself as “the first automaker to enter into solar cell business,” Honda Motor Co. said on Monday it plans to start mass-producing solar cells in 2007, eyeing growing demand for environmentally friendly energy sources.

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Seeing the world sunny-side up

scale --is we have to get solar energy below the price of coal. If you look at the Chinese, they understand that. If the Chinese take solar to scale--I'm sure they will, we're

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December 14, 2005

Copy US Anti-Kyoto coalitions, Europe told

Documents obtained by Greenpeace and seen by the Guardian reveal a systematic plan to persuade European business, politicians and the media that the EU should abandon its commitments under the Kyoto protocol. The PowerPoint document sets out plans to establish a group called the European Sound Climate Policy Coalition. It says: "In the US an informal coalition has helped successfully to avert adoption of a Kyoto-style program. This model should be emulated, as appropriate, to guide similar efforts in Europe."

The documents...were written by Chris Horner, a Washington DC lawyer and senior fellow at the rightwing thinktank, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has received more than $1.3m (750,000) funding from the US oil giant Exxon Mobil. Mr Horner also acts for the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group set up "to dispel the myth of global warming".

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After the SNAP-9A accident, NASA pioneered the development of solar energy in space. Now all satellites—and the International Space Station—are solar-powered. But NASA keeps insisting on plutonium power for space probes—even as the ...

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SunTech shares rise 32 percent in market debutNepal National: Recommended source for Breaking Technology News

NEW YORK – Shares of Chinese solar energy cell maker Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. rose about 32 percent in their U.S. market debut on Wednesday, a day after pricing at the top of a recently r...

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Russia aims for part of U.S. gas marketBig News Network.com - Russia News

OAO Gazprom, Russia's state-owned energy conglomerate, intends to supply part of U.S. natural gas needs.

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World will need 60 percent more energyPittsburghLIVE.com

Global energy consumption will soar 60 percent over the next 25 years, Exxon Mobil Corp. forecast Tuesday.

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Space 'spiders' could build solar satellitesNew Scientist - Latest Headlines

A sub-orbital mission to determine whether spider-like robots could construct complex structures in space is set to launch in January

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Calif. regulators unveil $3.2 billion plan to expand solar power

aims to install 3,000 megawatts of solar energy on 1 million homes, businesses and public buildings over 11 years. The five-member commission was expected to vote on the program

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December 12, 2005

Cali's 'million solar roofs' back from dead tomorrow

program. This will be the largest solar energy incentive program in nation and the 2nd largest in the world after Germany. It will be followed by a 30 day public comment period and

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Atlantic City Rolls the Dice on a Renewable Wastewater Plant

... in the United States to be powered by a system that combines solar energy arrays with a wind farm. By capturing energy from the sun and the Atlantic Coast winds, rather than burning fossil fuels, the hybrid solar-wind power plant will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of approximately ...

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December 09, 2005

Report from Montreal

... and the waste generated per kW-hr produced for different energy technologies. This also prompts surprise in many people as they realize that no energy ... and that the amount of toxic waste generated by solar power is comparable to ...

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UN climate talks near Kyoto renewal roadmap

Environmentalists and businesses have called for an end to talks by 2008 to give them time to plan investments in clean energy like solar or wind power. ... Under the program, rich nations can invest in clean energy projects, ...

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Wind could be our best weapon against global warming - 07 Dec 2005 ...

The UNEP's $9.3m ((pounds sterling)5.3m) Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment focused on 14 developing countries - Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Brazil, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, ...

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Solar power: The underrated resource?

... are wasting one of their most important energy resources - solar power, said visiting alternative-energy experts. ... say the technology is available to replace fossil-fuel consumption with solar power to provide energy for buildings.

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Global warming already hitting Pacific islands - ABC Asia Pacific

Global warming already hitting Pacific islands
ABC Asia Pacific, Australia - 18 minutes ago
It's being described as the first case in the world of the formal displacement of an entire human population because of global warming. ...

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Clinton steals show at climate talks

create jobs out of wind energy, solar energy , out of biofuels, out of hybrid engines," he said. Stricter efficiency standards for building and appliances would also boost jobs. "In

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U.S. states, cities taking lead in combating global warmingBoston.com -- New Hampshire news

Clamping down on automobile emissions and plugging city buildings into wind or solar power, U.S. governors and mayors are stepping in to help head off climate change where they say the federal government is failing.

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The most destructive crop on earth is no solution to the energy crisis | EnergyBulletin.net | Peak Oil News ClearinghouseThe place with the things, and the stuff...

Before oil palms, which are small and scrubby, are planted, vast forest trees, containing a much greater store of carbon, must be felled and burnt. Having used up the drier lands, the plantations are moving into the swamp forests, which grow on peat. When they've cut the trees, the planters drain the ground. As the peat dries it oxidises, releasing even more carbon dioxide than the trees. In terms of its impact on both the local and global environments, palm biodiesel is more destructive than crude oil from Nigeria.

Good article. And this site is very informative in general...

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Solar-powered traffic signs: "Lintec is marketing ...

... Solar-powered traffic signs: " Lintec is marketing in Japan solar-powered traffic signs that have no electric wiring and consume no electricity. The sign stores solar energy in the daytime and automatically illuminates when it gets dark, remaining lit until dawn. IMG 0512081-1.jpg ...

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December 07, 2005

EU Not on Track to Meet Kyoto Targets with Current Measures - Transportation the

The EU 15 - the 15 longest-standing members of the European Union - are not on track to meet their target reduction in greenhouse gases of 8% from the 1990 level required under the Kyoto Protocol with current measures, according to a report published this week by the European Environment Agency.

According to the report, The European Environment: State and Outlooks 2005, given current trends and measures, the 15 will deliver a reduction in GHG emissions of 1.6% below the 1990 base year levels—a shortfall of 6.4%. The transportation sector, with an increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 24% from 1990 through 2003, is one of the leading impediments to achieving the target.

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Sabotage Damages Venezuela Pipeline

A pipeline that feeds the Amuay-Cardon refinery in Venezuela was blown up yesterday by a charge of C-4. No one has claimed responsibility yet, and the government officials so far have not blamed anyone in particular other than generic "radical groups".

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COP-11 Global Warming Conference Report: Pew Center Admits Kyoto ... - The National Center for Public Policy Research

COP-11 Global Warming Conference Report: Pew Center Admits Kyoto ...
The National Center for Public Policy Research, DC - 15 hours ago
The National Center's three-man crew at the UN's COP-11 global warming conference in Montreal, has blackberried in a blog report: The Pew Center on Climate ...
Environmental talk Washington Times
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US Senate urges Govt to join global warming talks - ABC Online

BBC News
US Senate urges Govt to join global warming talks
ABC Online, Australia - 10 hours ago
Nearly a quarter of the United States Senate has written to President George W Bush urging him to join talks on long-term steps to combat global warming. ...
Has global warming overheated Bush's brain? Toronto Star
Pact Signed for Prototype of Coal Plant New York Times
US senators push Bush on climate BBC News
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Congressional Testimony Reflects on Solar Decathlon

In recent testimony before the House Science Subcommittee on Energy, witnesses representing teams that competed in the 2005 Solar Decathlon said that while the competition could help move new solar technologies into the marketplace by ...

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Utility checking customer creditapp.com - Ocean

Is your power company peeking at your credit rating? The answer is yes, if you are one of First Energy Corporation's 3.6 million residential customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. "The company has run a limited credit status check on all its residential customers this year," said Ron Morano, spokesman for Jersey Central Power & Light, First Energy's subsidiary in New Jersey. "The practice is legal and common." JCP&L services most of Monmouth and Ocean counties and has approximately 950,000 residential customers statewide — many of whom may not realize that the power company has run the checks. Russell K. Corby, the mayor of Pine Beach, said he was surprised to learn the power company had gained access to his credit report. "Not only did I not authorize First Energy to look at my credit report, I did not know they had done so — and I probably never would have found out if I hadn't accessed my free credit report," Corby said. Under the federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, consumers have a right to a free report on the status of their credit every 12 months. In coordination with the Federal Trade Commission, the nation's three major credit report services — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — have arranged to make free credit reports available through the Web site www.annualcreditreport.com. Corby visited that site in early October. When he was looking at Experian's report, he clicked a heading that took him to a list of the various entities to whom he had given permission to view his credit report. On that list was First Energy Service Corporation, another subsidiary of First Energy, which had no such permission but had inquired after Corby's credit status on May 13. "I was baffled," Corby said. "Why in the world would JCP&L want to know my credit rating? I've been paying my electric bills for 35 years. Wouldn't my billing record be enough? Also, did they have a right to the information?" They did, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the nation's credit reporting industry. "A utility company has the right under federal law to check on the credit status of new customers, because the utility industry depends on deferred payments when beginning service," said FTC spokesman Bill Haynes. "It is common practice to do a routine credit check." Though Corby is not a new customer, Haynes said power companies also have the right to seek the credit ratings of established customers for "an account review." "The customer's permission is not required in either case," Haynes said. Morano said First Energy has a contract with Experian whereby, when provided with a customer's name and Social Security number, Experian would supply not a complete credit report, but an "acceptable or unacceptable" status report. Morano said the company took these measures to identify new customers with credit problems because a monetary deposit is required from such potential risks. The credit check was done on established customers to ensure that they are who they say they are, Morano explained. Corby was not satisfied with First Energy's explanation of why they had checked his credit, and said he has written a letter to the state Board of Public Utilities questioning the practice. The BPU had just received the letter and had no comment Tuesday. Corby also questioned how First Energy acquired his Social Security number. "I don't remember giving it to them," he said. "I don't know how we may have gotten his Social Security number," Morano said. "He's been a customer over 30 years. At some point, we must have gotten it." Morano also had no answer as to how the other 3.6 million Social Security numbers were obtained. The FTC's Haynes said that there are many ways a corporation could obtain such information over the years. Morano explained that, although it is apparent to a consumer accessing his credit report that First Energy had also been there, nothing concerning First Energy's credit check would appear on the consumer reports Experian regularly generates to companies like banks, auto dealers and other potential lenders. "The credit checks are only for our company," Morano said. "They won't otherwise impact the consumer."

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Energy Hedge Fund Center Now Tracking 450 Energy Hedge FundsPR Web (The Free Wire Service) Daily News Feed

The Energy Hedge Fund Center (EHFC), the premier information source for energy and environmental hedge funds (www.energyhedgefunds.com) today announced that it is now tracking 450 hedge funds in the energy and environmental space including 200 funds focused exclusively on various energy strategies. [PRWEB Dec 7, 2005]

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PROGETTARE IL FOTOVOLTAICO (Benedetta Scansani) 0...

... PROGETTARE IL FOTOVOLTAICO (Benedetta Scansani) 06/12/2005. Ises Italia, sezione italiana dell’International solar energy society, organizza dal 14 al 17 dicembre a Padova un corso dal titolo “I sistemi fotovoltaici: progettazione tecnico-architettonica”. Le lezioni mirano a offrire tutti ...

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December 05, 2005

An unexpected discovery could yield a full spectrum solar cell

The serendipitous discovery means that a single system of alloys incorporating indium, gallium, and nitrogen can convert virtually the full spectrum of sunlight -- from the near infrared to the far ultraviolet -- to electrical current.

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Who woulda thunk?: New Jersey & environmental leadership

The words "New Jersey" rarely conjure thoughts of environmental leadership. In fact, the state's reputation gives rise to visions better described by "industrial wasteland" or "toxic miasma." Think again. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has recently proposed a major expansion of its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), a regulation requiring utilities to buy renewable energy. The proposed rule would require that 20% of the electricity provided by the state's utilities come from new renewable energy sources by 2020, up from the current standard of 4% by 2008. This is a major expansion that puts the state in the upper echelon of renewable-energy leaders. And make no mistake -- the environmental impacts would be enormous. Emissions from electricity generation are not only the single largest cause of global warming, but also toxic to human health, killing over 30,000 Americans a year, according to a recent study by Abt Associates. By 2020, this proposal would prevent annual emissions of 15.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 29.1 million pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 44.4 million pounds of sulfur dioxide. In addition, the proposed rule would require that 2% come from solar-electric resources -- a development that would result in about 1,500 MW of solar electricity. To put this in perspective, in 2004 the world market for solar photovoltaics was 927 MW. New Jersey's effort would be the most ambitious solar program currently on the books in the U.S. (take that, California!), and would go far in building the economies of scale necessary to bring solar into the mainstream. Traditionally hostile interests are working to squelch this bold proposal. If you are into it, take a moment to tell the BPU Commissioners that their leadership is appreciated, and the proposed expansion of the RPS should be adopted.

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U.S. stocks drop on oil's risewashingtonpost.com - Wires

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks declined on Monday after the price of crude oil rebounded, sparking worry that higher energy costs will crimp consumer budgets and raise business costs, while semiconductors fell on concerns about profits.

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Colorado Could be the Next Solar State

in states that enact legislation supporting solar energy . Colorado could stand to be the next solar-strong state with a proposal underway for rebates of up to $4.50 per installed

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Environmental News Bits

... Solar energy University of Delaware to Lead Multi -Million Dollar Solar Cell Initiative A broad consortium led by the University of Delaware (UD) could receive nearly $53 million in funding... than double the efficiency of terrestrial solar cells within the next 50 months. Source ...

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December 01, 2005

Energy Freedom Challenge: Clean Energy Capital of the United States of America

Austin 8 News reports that Austin, Texas is to host a nationwide competition and the prize is the title of "Clean Energy Capital of the U.S."

The group Solar Austin pitched the idea of the contest to the U.S. Department of Energy. The group received a $45,000 grant to organize and host the contest. "Renewables have become a real attractive source for any community, any city," Solar Austin Co-Director Jane Pulaski said. She is convinced alternative energy has become so attractive, cities across the nation would be willing to compete to see which can move away from fossil fuels first.

"Clean Energy Capital of the U.S., I mean, who wouldn't want that title?" Pulaski added the title would attract new businesses, residents and positive publicity for the community that earned it.
In August Solar Austin received the grant to organize, market and host the contest in its first year. On Wednesday, the group officially launched the contest with an evening fundraiser.

The Energy Freedom Challenge is a race to see which city in the U.S.A. can be the first to get 50 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geo-thermal, methane and biomass power by the year 2025.

Right now Austin receives 5 percent of its energy from either wind, solar or landfill methane power; well short of hitting the 50 percent mark.

Austin can expect plenty of competition from other cities for the clean energy title from places like Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey.

The Union of Concerned Scientists will be in charge of establishing the rules, metrics and qualifications for the contest.

Solar Austin expects to have cities signed up to compete by early next year. Austin will be both the host and a competitor in the first year.

Austin's Green Choice program already sells more renewable energy to customers than any other program in the country.

Green Choice allows Austin Energy customers to choose to have their power come from wind or solar sources. The program is so popular Austin Energy had to place new subscribers on a waiting list. One of the city's wind farms is expanding this winter. Austin Energy hopes to open up the Green Choice wait list once the expansion is finished in February.

The clean energy contest will be run in Austin, Texas for the next 20 years.

Full Austin8News Article

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GLOBAL WARMING GROW COOLER? - Free Market News Network

Free Market News Network, FL - 14 hours ago
... 30 percent slowdown seen over the past 12 years is not just a blip, temperatures in northern Europe could drop significantly, despite global warming, they added ...

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Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Puts Forth American Energy Harvest ... - Yahoo! News (press release)

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Puts Forth American Energy Harvest ...
Yahoo! News (press release) - 1 hour ago
... will come from 50 agile, clean, coal plants; 1 million barrels a day will be produced from biofuels required by a federal alternative energy portfolio standard ...
Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Announces Toll-Free Telephone Line ... Yahoo! News (press release)
Rendell Unveils Energy Initiative WNEP-TV
Pennsylvania Governor Rendell to Address the National Press Club ... U.S. Newswire (press release)
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