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January 27, 2006

Sweden to be free from Oil in 2020Items dugg by scottsizemore

Sweden plans to move exclusively to renewable energy by 2020.

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Al Gore campaigns at Sundance with global-warming documentary - Canada.com

The Observer
Al Gore campaigns at Sundance with global-warming documentary
Canada.com, Canada - 22 hours ago
... Truth, a documentary chronicling what has become his crusade since losing the 2000 presidential election: educating the masses that global warming is about to ...
Gore debuts global warming film at Sundance WBIR-TV
Al Gore to publish book on global warming in April Metro Toronto
Al Gore surfaces with a global warning Chicago Tribune
MTV.com - Cinematical - all 61 related

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Nano Motor Powered By Solar Energy

Chemists at Italy's University of Bologna, UCLA and the California NanoSystems Institute have designed and constructed a molecular motor of nanometer size that does not consume fuels; their nano motor is powered only by sunlight. The research, federally funded by the National Science Foundation, will be published Jan. 31 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)........

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The Top 25 Purchasers of Renewable Energy and Their Suppliers

The Energy Stock Blog points to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency list of the current top 25 purchasers of renewable energy, and their suppliers. From the release:

Top 25 Partners are Partners whose annual green power purchase is the largest, and whose green power purchase has been completed. Their actions are helping drive the development of new renewable energy sources for electricity generation. Combined, their purchases amount to 3.3 million megawatt-hours (MWh) annually, which is approximately 75 percent of the green power commitments made by all Partners. These Top 25 Partners provide an example to their peers, customers, and community.

Here are the top 5

  1. U.S. Air Force
  2. Whole Foods Market
  3. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  4. Johnson & Johnson
  5. U.S. Department of Energy

You can view the complete list at the Energy Stock Blog website. [ more ]

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Titania Nanotube Arrays Harness Solar Energy

<strong>Solar nanotube arrayPenn State researchers are finding new ways to harness the power of the sun using highly-ordered arrays of titania nanotubes for hydrogen production and increased solar cell efficiency.

Creating a renewable energy resource to supplement and ultimately replace dwindling petroleum reserves is one of the pressing needs our nation faces within our own and our children’s lifetimes. But gasoline, an almost perfect fuel, with a tremendous amount of power contained in a small cupful, is not easy to replace.

One of the most likely prospects for an efficient renewable resource is solar energy, either to produce hydrogen, the third most abundant element on the earth’s surface, or to power solar cells. At Penn State University, researchers are finding new ways to harness the power of the sun using highly-ordered arrays of titania nanotubes for hydrogen production and increased solar cell efficiency.
[...] Read more!

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Alternative Energy No Longer an Option - Corante

Alternative Energy No Longer an Option
Corante, MA - Jan 24, 2006
What this means, simply, is that alternative energy research is no longer “something nice” to have, or that switching away from fossil fuels should be a ...
India, China, and the Asian axis of oil ZNet
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Offshore waves may be a viable source of renewable energy

... Offshore waves may be a viable source of renewable energy There are several companies around the world developing equipment to harness offshore wave energy for power generation. Until last year these attempts had failed due to equipment ... , Scotland, at the European Marine Energy Centre EMEC since August of last year. Pelamis is one ...
.: ProRinnovabili.Org :. View Technorati URL search

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Consumer-Crazy China: Devouring the World's Resources

, production of energy from oil and coal expanded by 2% and 3% a year, respectively, while wind and solar... the depletion of oil reserves. Among the new sources of energy - wind, solar cells, solar thermal... commodities - grain and meat in the food sector, oil and coal in the energy sector, and steel... to a renewable energy powered, re-use/recycle economy with a diversified transport system. Business as usual.... Glimpses of the new economy can already be seen in the wind farms of western Europe, the solar

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January 23, 2006

Energy Department Announces 2007 Solar Decathlon Teams - Auto Spectator

Energy Department Announces 2007 Solar Decathlon Teams
Auto Spectator - Jan 19, 2006
... coming years. By helping expand the use of solar energy technologies, the participants will help meet that challenge.”. The Solar ...

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Clean-Tech Investor Summit, 2006

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China, India and the oil marketThe Economist Print Edition

Will China and India unite in the quest for energy security?

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China's Renewable Energy Law Takes Effect

... Beijing, China - China's landmark renewable energy law took effect on January 1, ... incentives for the development of renewable energy sources -- including wind power, solar energy, biomass ... addresses the core issues of pricing and fee sharing for on-grid renewable energy. According ...

Cleanergy.org - Renewable Energy - Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, Hydro, Wind Technorati this

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renewableenergyaccess.com | brazil considers ethanol partnership with jamaica

. The sugar cane plant is the most efficient converter of solar energy into biomass. This means... a multi-product industry. The sugar cane plant is the most efficient converter of solar energy...Conventional economic wisdom goes something like this. Traditional energy is cheap and renewable energy expensive. Therefore we should until the day renewables become cost competitive before they can... was in its R D phase. But with wind energy now an advanced technology it is an outdated fallacy, overtaken

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Finding A Solar System Contractor

are licensed to perform solar energy work and only other building or construction work necessary... a regulated designated "solar contractor." That's where each state's renewable energy incentive program could...-registered or program-registered contractors and or approved solar and other renewable energy... look to solar energy trade groups to find contractors, especially in areas where they aren't...The California Solar Initiative and a growing number of state and federal tax credits, rebates

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World's Largest Telescope

Five years after breaking ground on a South African mountaintop near the edge of the Kalahari desert, astronomers have just released the first images captured by the Southern African Large Telesco... Portugal, one of the most oil-dependent nations in Europe, will begin work on the world's biggest solar energy power station next year, officials said Tuesday. The inauguration of the southern hemisphere's largest telescope Thursday near a small South African town would be a milestone towards

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Fitzgerald: Pakistan and other myopias

-- technological developments in other forms of energy (can coal be cleaned? Can nuclear energy be made safer, or solar energy be made cheaper?), the likely drops or rises in demand, and so on --must..., subsidizes to mass transit, and nuclear, wind, and solar energy projects. During the Cold War... of Saudi Arabia as an ally effectively entrusted our energy fate, our energy policy, to the dreamy idea... success, to fool us about Saudi Arabia. But they have helped to prevent an intelligent energy policy

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The Day the Oil Runs Out

executive of a solar energy company, paints an even more apocalyptic scene. He believes that peak oil... for granted - will be profound. Chris Skrebowski, the editor of the Energy Institute's Petroleum..., an adviser to the US government who runs his own energy and economic research consultancy, is one

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January 19, 2006

Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology Are Indexed - CarbonFree News

Alternative Energy and Nanotechnology Are Indexed
CarbonFree News, UK - Jan 12, 2006
The International Securities Exchange is launching two new specialized sector index options, the ISE-CCM Alternative Energy Index (Ticker: POW) and the ISE-CCM ...

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California Launchess $3.2 Billion Solar Energy Subsidy Program

... California Launchess $3.2 Billion Solar Energy Subsidy Program Mercury News (San Jose, CA) http://www.mercurynews ... approves plan for solar power subsidies By Paul Rogers Mercury News Guaranteeing California's role as America's solar power king, state energy regulators Thursday gave final approval to a record ...

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A Green Dream in Texas

January 18, 2006
Op-Ed Columnist


Richardson, Tex.

When it comes to energy and the American people, George Bush and Dick Cheney are guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

No one has lower expectations for the American people than a vice president who thinks "conservation" is simply a personal virtue, not a national security imperative, and a president who can barely choke out the word.

But Americans are starting to lead themselves. The most impressive project I've seen is by Texas Instruments, which is building a "green" chip factory here in Richardson, near Dallas. T.I. is keeping 1,000 high-tech jobs in Texas by building its newest facility - to make wafers used in semiconductors - in a cost-saving, hyper-efficient green manner.

T.I. always wanted to keep its newest wafer factory near Dallas so it would be near its design center and ideas could flow back and forth. But China, Taiwan and Singapore were all tempting alternatives, offering low wages, subsidies and tax breaks. So the T.I. leadership laid down a challenge: T.I. could locate its new wafer factory in Richardson, if the T.I. design team and community leaders could find a way to build it for $180 million less than its last Dallas factory, erected in the late 1990's. That would make its cost-per-wafer competitive with any overseas plant's.

Although the T.I. engineers initially thought it impossible, they pulled it off. Previous chip factories had three floors because of the complicated cooling and manufacturing process involved in making wafers. The T.I. design team came up with a way to build the Richardson factory with just two floors - a huge savings in mass and energy. T.I. also contacted Amory Lovins, the green designer who heads the Rocky Mountain Institute, and asked him to help it design other parts of the plant in a way that would lower its resource consumption, which, over the life of a plant, can exceed construction outlays.

Together, T.I. engineers and Mr. Lovins's team designed big water pipes with fewer elbows, which reduced friction loss and let them use smaller pumps that save energy. Various passive solar innovations were built in, including roofs that use a white reflective coating to reduce heat. These, together with innovations in how air is circulated, cooled and recovered naturally, reduced total heat so much that T.I. was able to get rid of one huge industrial air-conditioner. Almost all of the waste from the building construction is being recycled. The urinals are all waterless.

"Green building is not necessarily about producing your own power with windmills and solar panels. It's about addressing the consumption side with really creative design and engineering to eliminate waste and reduce energy usage - it's the next industrial revolution," said Paul Westbrook, who oversees sustainable design for T.I. and helped turn T.I. leaders on to green building by taking them to his solar-powered home. "Green building added some cost, but over all we built a green building for 30 percent less per square foot than our previous conventional facility." This is expected to cut utility costs by 20 percent and water usage by 35 percent.
To entice T.I. to build again in the Dallas area, the University of Texas, the State Legislature and private sources put up $300 million for a 10-year effort to improve science and engineering studies at the University of Texas in Dallas, so T.I. will have plenty of educated workers.
"We are proud to prove on a global basis that you can [be] green and energy-sensitive and reduce costs and increase profits," said Shaunna Sowell, T.I.'s vice president for worldwide facilities. America can keep good manufacturing jobs, she added, "but we cannot do it the same way we've been doing it. We have to do it differently. ... I think you do first have to set an impossible goal. Amazing things happen when people claim responsibility for creating the impossible."

They sure do. In 1961, when President Kennedy called for putting a man on the moon, he didn't know how - but his vision was so compelling, his expectations of the American people so high, that they drove the moon shot well after he died. The Bush-Cheney team should be inspiring our generation's moon shot: energy independence. But so far all they've challenged Americans to do is accept a tax cut.

So hats off to the leaders of T.I. Thanks to their vision, Dallas - not China - has the newest T.I. wafer plant, a new investment in education and a great example of how a green factory can be efficient and profitable and can create good American jobs in the 21st century.

Energy guzzling is for defeatists. Real Americans - and real Texans - build green.

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Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming - Guardian Unlimited

Washington Post
Ex-EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 16 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) - The US is failing to take the lead in confronting global warming, a ``dishonest'' and ``self-destructive'' approach that only worsens the ...
Former EPA Heads Blast Bush Administration On Global Warming The Moderate Voice
Ex-EPA chiefs fault efforts on global warming Kansas City Star
Former Republican EPA chiefs accuse Bush of neglecting global ... WHBF
Midland Daily News (subscription) - all 237 related

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Bracing The World For Peak Oil

... The Independent reports on a Peak Oil conference Tuesday in London. Excerpt: Chris Skrebowski, the editor of the Energy Institute's Petroleum Review, believes peak oil will occur in 2008, at which point the world will move into "a land without maps where we ...

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American Solar Energy Society Homepage

American Solar Energy Society Homepage American Solar Energy Society Homepage American Solar Energy Society Homepage ASES is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment. American Solar Energy …Source: www.ases.org NOVELL: BrainShare Global 2006 Open for Growth ...

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January 13, 2006

Switch to renewable solar energy in US - Daytona Beach News-Journal

Switch to renewable solar energy in US
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL - Jan 11, 2006
... of nuclear power at a safe distance -- the 93 million miles to the nuclear reactor we call the sun is about right." What is called "solar energy" is really ...

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California adopts massive solar energy project

... California adopts massive solar energy project 01/13/2006 The California Public Utilities Commission approved a $2.9 billion program to make the state one of the largest producers of solar power in the world. ...

Conservation news and environmental science news. Technorati this

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Global Warming Threatens Amphibians - Spotlighting News

Spotlighting News
Global Warming Threatens Amphibians
Spotlighting News - Jan 12, 2006
According to recent research from University of Alabama scientists, global warming is driving an epidemic disease that is whipping out amphibian populations. ...
Plants Bad for the Environment? Celebrities Causing Frogs to FOX News
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Seven NE States Agree to Global Warming Pollution Caps - New Rules Project

Seven NE States Agree to Global Warming Pollution Caps
New Rules Project, MN - 5 hours ago
Seven northeastern states have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to implement a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). ...

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January 10, 2006

Top Ten UK Alternative Energy Projects

Solar Powered CIS Tower in Manchester

The UK’s top ten alternative energy projects have been named by the UK government’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). They include offshore turbines in Kent, the solar-powered CIS tower in Manchester and a wave buoy in Cornwall.

A target of supplying 10% of the UK's electricity from renewable energy by 2010 has been set by the British government.

The list includes three wind farms, three solar-power projects, and two examples of microgeneration, or projects with lower outputs.

According to the government, the 30-turbine Kentish Flats wind farm has been described as "the Ferrari of the turbine world".

Black Law A in South Lanarkshire was one of the largest wind farms approved in the UK, and the Cefn Croes project near Aberystwyth the most powerful when it opened in June.

The CIS tower in Manchester - the city's tallest building - was on course to be the biggest user of solar panels in the UK.

The biomass plant in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, was singled out for producing a "revolutionary new wood pellet bio fuel", created by burning sawdust and woodchips.

The wave buoy project off the north Cornwall coast was highlighted as a project that would "speed up the installation of one of the world's first wave farms". The site is being investigated as a possible wave hub location - an offshore electrical socket that would be connected to the national grid.

Cornwall Wave Buoy

“Revolutionary” Northern Ireland Biomass Plant

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FuturePundit: Venture Capital Flows Into Solar Power Companies

In the first three quarters of this year, U.S. venture-capital firms funneled $67.7 million into the solar-energy sector, up from $31.4 million for all of 2004, according to the National Venture Capital Association, an Arlington, Va., trade group.

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US Answer to Kyoto Kicks Off Wednesday

What many see as the US-led alternative to the Kyoto Protocol, the Asia-Pacific Partnership for Clean Development and Climate, kicks off Wednesday in Sydney, Australia.

Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, a UN led effort which sets mandatory limits on greenhouse gas emissions, the APPCDC asks countries to agree to share knowledge and technology and voluntarily reduce emissions as they see fit.

Australia may see the most financial benefit from the APPCDC as it is currently the world's biggest supplier of uranium, and nuclear fission and cleaner burning coal are a large part of how member countries plan to reduce emissions.
It is unclear whether renewable resources such as solar or wind-turbines will play any part in the APPCDC plan, although it is known the transfer of knowledge about as-yet-unattainable nuclear fusion, hydrogen energy, biotechnology and nanotechnology is.
How this will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions has yet to be seen...

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Ocean Energy Update

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Aviva to invest in alternative energy in 2006 - Insurance Business Review

Aviva to invest in alternative energy in 2006
Insurance Business Review - Jan 5, 2006
... Instead the company will favor alternative energy companies, including solar, wind, wave, tidal, hydro, biofuels, fuel cells and other hydrogen technologies ...

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China leads in solar water heater production - Xinhua

China leads in solar water heater production
Xinhua, China - 13 hours ago
... world's solar water heaters and is the largest producer of solar water heaters, Luo Zhentao, director of China Association of Solar Energy Thermal Application ...

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Europe Takes a New Look at NuclearTriple Pundit

According to The Christian Science Monitor the European Union’s Energy Commissioner stated last Wednesday that, Europe needs to "look at nuclear power and at renewable energy," to reduce dependence on imports.

With Russia cutting the flow of natural gas into Europe, nuclear is getting some new positive press. Some are even arguing that in order to meet CO2 reductions mandated by the Kyoto Protocol, nuclear is the only option.

Though renewables are also getting attention it is clear that, 20 years after Chernobyl, nuclear is once again being actively pursued in Europe.

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AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - As Russia wielded its energy weapon against Ukraine to devastating effect last week, China and Japan were wary observers, worrying that one day the same might happen to them, observers said. Neither Asian power has ever felt entirely comfortable with the Kremlin, and its decision to drastically raise the price of the gas it sells to Ukraine has done nothing to boost their confidence in the Russian bear. "To control a nation's energy is to control the nation's activities," said Hiroshi Watanabe, a Tokyo-based economist at the Daiwa Institute of Research. "Russia seems to have lost some trust by making threats through a reduction of supplies," he said. Unfortunately for China and Japan, Russia has the world's largest natural gas reserves and is the second largest exporter of crude oil, making it too big an actor to be ignored in Asia's great energy game. So the most the region's oil and gas guzzlers can do in reaction to the Russian-Ukrainian dispute is prevent over-reliance on the Kremlin.

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January 04, 2006

Australia: Alternative Energy Grants

Geothermal Plant

From geothermal power to better batteries, millions have been spent on alternative energy research in Australia, according to Rod Myer writing for The Age of Australia.

The AUD $23 million (approximately $17 million) spent by the Australian Federal Government under the first tranche of its $100 million (US $73m) pledge to aid the alternative energy sector has highlighted innovations by local companies to cure Australia's fossil fuel addiction.

Two companies funded under the Renewable Energy Development Initiative (REDI) have developed a no-emissions alternative for base-load generation. Geodynamics received $5 million to help develop its geothermal electricity plant near Innamincka in the north of South Australia. Scope Energy, another betting its future on geothermal energy, received $3.9 million to help with development. Its principal, Roger Massey-Greene, says the grant will help finance a drilling program of 500-metre deep holes to prove up its resource. Scope plans to open a 50-megawatt plant, but Mr Massey-Greene says he hopes to see this expand to 1000 MW in the longer term.

Scope has a geographic advantage, he believes. Its site is near Millicent, in the south-east of South Australia, meaning it is close to transmission lines and the population centres of Melbourne and Adelaide. "We expect the cost to be very competitive with combined-cycle gas power plants," Mr Massey-Greene said.

Scope's geothermal technology will tap hot water heated deep in the earth and run it through a heat exchanger to generate electricity. Mr Massey-Greene likens this process to a "fridge operating in reverse".

Geodynamics' system will pump water through hot rocks and use the resulting steam to generate power. Scope's wells will be as deep as 4.5 kilometres. The technology that Scope is planning has been in use at a plant in Italy that has operated for 101 years, Mr Massey-Greene said.

Stage one of the plant is expected to cost $4 million per megawatt to construct, compared with about $750,000 for a combined-cycle gas plant. "But we have no fuel costs," Mr Massey-Greene said. Geothermal plants run at an output of about 98 per cent of rated capacity. Mr Massey-Green believes geothermal power has a great future. In New Zealand it provides 7 per cent of power needs and this could rise to as much as 15 per cent. Some in the market believe that Scope will float in the first half of 2006.

Melbourne-based Katrix will use its $811,000 REDI grant to further develop its new fluid expander that may enable solar energy to be harnessed for electricity. Founder Attilio Demichelli says the expander, which does the job of a turbine, will allow solar thermal power to be adapted for small-scale use far more cheaply than photovoltaic systems.

Katrix is developing units in which solar energy will heat refrigeration fluid that will run through an expander linked to a generator to produce power. The expander is cheaper than a miniature turbine to build and has a number of advantages, including its ability to take gas or steam at 22 atmospheres (twenty two times atmospheric pressure) back to one atmosphere in one step.

Katrix projects that in the Californian market — once government subsidies are factored in — its system will return its cost to consumers in two to three years, compared with 15 years for photovoltaic systems. Mr Demichelli, a private investor, and inventor Yannis Tropalis have invested over $3 million in the technology in three years.

Another REDI grant, of $290,000, has gone to V-Fuel, which is developing a vanadium bromide redox battery. The funding will help develop a prototype of a battery that its promoters hope will be efficient enough to use to store power from renewable energy plants. Efficient storage would enable technologies such as wind and solar to get over a bugbear — unpredictability, because no one knows when the sun will shine or the wind will blow.

V-Fuel principal Michael Kazacos says the grant is crucial to the company, which has raised only $400,000 up to now. V-Fuel has developed a five-kilowatt battery but is aiming to produce a 50-kilowatt prototype. That, he says, will cost $1 million, and further funding is being sought from another federal grant scheme.

"There is a lot of interest in Europe," Mr Kazacos said. "We have had offers of collaboration from there." The battery was 85 per cent efficient, he said, and "we are aiming at having a $200-per-kilowatt production cost". The vanadium bromide process was developed at the University of NSW by Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, who is a principal of V-Fuel.

Origin Energy received $5 million to help develop its facilities for manufacturing solar cells using photovoltaic sliver technology. The technology will cut the cost of solar cells by reducing silicon usage by up to 90 per cent. Silicon is the most expensive part of a solar cell. Origin says it costs $11,000 to fit a house with a one-kilowatt unit. This would take 20 years or more to pay itself off. However, as power prices rise and production costs fall, this payback time will be cut.

Geothermal Energy: Hot Dry Rock

Article in The Age on Australian Alternative Energy Technology

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TMA's vertical axis wind turbine introduces competitive advantage

Design creates pull on the back side contributing to 40 percent-plus wind conversion efficiencies, doesn't kill birds, runs more quietly, doesn't need to be installed as high, blends better with landscape. Generating costs estimated at 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, surpassing conventional energy sources.

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Wind power project floating out to North Sea

Norwegian utility will anchor floating 660-foot-tall post, 200-foot-long blades. Expected 2007. If the concept works, Norsk Hydro envisions parks of perhaps 200 windmills, in waters 700-2,200 feet deep. (PESN; Nov. 2, 2005)

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OSEN Launches Site for Open-Sourcing Clean Energy

Website launch provides inventors and users with tools of collaboration for shared advancement of clean, free, and renewable energy technology solutions. Believes that open sourcing, which has been such a boon to the software community, can be just as much so, if not more for the energy world. (PESN; Oct. 22, 2005)

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Top Ten UK Green Energy ProjectsWorldChanging: Another World Is Here

The UK Department of Trade and Industry has named ten new green energy projects the best in the nation, including the solar-powered CIS tower in Manchester, the Eden Project, Balcas biofuels, the Wave Hub in Cornwall (though not, as far as I can tell, the Manchester Bobber) and the Kentish Flats offshore wind farm (though, again, not the London Array). Worth a look.

(Posted by Alex Steffen in QuickChanges at 06:02 PM)

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Energy Wars: Russia and Ukraine Settle Gas DisputeBlogcritics Section: Politics

The Russian energy giant Gazprom has agreed to sell natural gas to Ukraine for a period of five years, ending an energy crisis between the two countries. Russia had cut off natural gas supplies to Ukraine on January 1, 2006 after its ex-Soviet neighbor refused to accept a four-fold price increase.

Most nations in Europe were hit hard by the energy supply crunch, and oil prices rose through the world. In response to the deal, however, oil prices gave back a little way in London on Wednesday. London Brent Crude fell at least 62 cents after rising $2.37 a barrel on Tuesday.

The energy shock has brought home many fears of the impending global energy crisis. Oil prices have risen significantly over the last year, and prognosis is not good for the near future.


Naftogaz, Ukraine's energy company, will pay $95 per 1,000 cubic meters for natural gas supplies for the next five years, up from $50 under a previous arrangement with Gazprom. Russian gas will be mixed with cheaper gas supplies from Central Asia to arrive at the pricing level agreed by the two countries. Gazprom will sell gas to a joint venture between itself and Austria's Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG for $230 per 1,000 cubic meters. RosUkrEnergo AG, will in turn sell the fuel to Ukraine for $95 per 1,000 cubic meters.

What was probably overlooked in the battle of the giants was that Gazprom cut off supplies to smaller Moldova as well, demanding a price of $150 per 1000 cubic meters from it. In 2004, Gazprom cut supplies by a day to Belarus, affecting Poland and Germany. Russia may have damaged its reputation as an energy supplier and a fair player in the global community, but in a seller's market, it may be the short-term winner.

Thus everyone is satisfied, in principle, but the rise in gas prices will doubtless have a ripple, or perhaps, tsunami effect on the rest of the world.


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The Last Great Energy Illusion?ZPEnergy.com

By EV World

'Twilight in the Desert' author, Matthew Simmons’ address to ASPO oil conference in Denver.

December 26, 2005

Few people have done more to coax a complacent, energy-voracious world out of its self-induced stupor than Matthew Simmons.

A successful energy industry investment banker from Houston who once advised the Bush campaign in 2000, Simmons is the Saul of Peak Oil. His transformation from oil and gas project financier to peak oil apostle didn't occur during a blinding encounter on the road to old Damascus, but over weeks and months of reflection and research on comments he'd heard during an oil industry conference on the Persian Gulf several years ago.

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Internet lampposts to be trialled

The idea will combine lampposts with solar energy and wi-fi wireless internet access. The lamppost will use light-emitting diode (LED) technology to provide bright light using low

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united press international - newstrack - alternative energy turns big business

offerings recently have been of solar energy companies such as SunPower, which rose 41 percent on its first day of trading. "In 2005, we saw a tripling of venture capital money going into the solar industry compared to 2004," said Rhone Resch, president of the Solar Energy Industries Association..., alternative or renewable energy may have finally moved from a U.S. cottage industry to big business. With oil and gas prices soaring, the allure of alternate energy sources is apparent and some

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A 12th B2H death in Indonesia?

Via TMC.net: 12th bird flu victim dies as gov't readies 3-year-plan.

Mahalis (his only name) died shortly after he was admitted to a hospital here. He will be Indonesia's 12th victim of the avian flu virus if tests confirm suspicions based largely on the fact that he came from Tangerang, a town due southwest of Jakarta, where outbreaks among fowl were previously reported.

Given the slowness of Indonesian testing, we may know by the end of January if this was a real H5N1 case or something else. The back-and-forth reports out of Jakarta make it very hard to understand what's happening and who's really ill.

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All about Tamiflu

Thanks to the reader who sent me the link to All About Tamiflu, on Medical News Today. It's a detailed but concise summary of information about the drug, its background, and its use.

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China bird flu fatality 'never touched poultry'

A woman who died last week from H5N1 avian influenza had no known contact with poultry and seldom ate poultry meat, Chinese state media said today. The 41-year-old factory worker died on December 21 in the southeastern city of Sanming, Fujian province, an urban area where China has reported no outbreaks of the virus among birds or other animals. But she had no contact with infected birds and no bird flu infections were found in Sanming. Zhou's relatives also said that she did not like

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St. Jude's doctor questions China's vaccine

China is most likely using substandard poultry vaccine or not enough good vaccine, which would explain recent outbreaks of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry, a prominent virologist said on Thursday. [...] If you use a good vaccine you can prevent the transmission within poultry and to humans. But if they have been using vaccines now (in China) for several years, why is there so much bird flu? Webster told Reuters in Hong Kong. There is bad vaccine that stops the disease

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H5N1: informazione diretta

La notizia pi? submarine di questo inizio 2006 ? l influenza aviaria (H5N1). Non ne parla pi? nessuno . Gli italiani che hanno comprato decine di migliaia di dosi di tamiflu cominceranno.... Lultima morte sospetta per H5N1 ? avvenuta luned? 2 gennaio 2006 allospedale Sulianti Saroso di Jakarta... il dodicesimo decesso di H5N1 in Indonesia. La contabilit? mortuaria ? a questo punto di 75 morti per H5N1 dal dicembre 2003 , tutti in Asia: -Cambogia 4 -Cina 3 -Indonesia 12

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Vogelgrippe bricht in China wieder aus Peking - In China ist erneut die Vogelgrippe ausgebrochen. Wie die chinesischen Beh?rden am Mittwoch mitteilten, wurde der auch f?r den Menschen gef?hrliche Virus vom Typ H5N1 in der s?dwestlichen Provinz Sichuan nachgewiesen. Seit Ende Dezember seien im Gebiet um die Stadt Dazhu mehr als 1800 V?gel verendet. Daraufhin h?tten Arbeiter damit begonnen, knapp 13.000 Tiere auf umliegenden Gefl?gelfarmen vorsorglich zu t?ten. Seit Anfang vergangenen Jahres

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Another Bird Flu Outbreak Confirmed by Chinese

by Jim Kouri - The Chinese government confirmed on Tuesday that an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has occurred in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. The 1,800 poultry which died in a village in the Dazhu County were confirmed to have H5N1, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture said... been culled to contain spread, according to the China Daily. H5N1 is the bird flu virus... capable of killing millions. The H5N1 virus has killed more than 70 people in Asia since late 2003

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Bird flu increases Kimchi sales

Blame it on the Internet, the anxiety of life in the 21st century, or a volatile combination of the two, but publication of a minor study by a South Korean academic last spring has apparently triggered a minor run on kimchi, a daily staple of the Korean diet that the bland-of-palate are likely to avoid like a global pandemic.

Which presents a potentially difficult choice given the work of Kang Sa-Ouk of Seoul National University, who took 13 chickens infected with avian flu virus and a couple of other diseases, fed them kimchi juice and found that 11 of the birds recovered.

Read more in the Washington Post.

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California institute reports on progress towards flu vaccine

Cheroutre's concept focused on M2, a protein common to all influenza A viruses, including avian flu strains. Her insight was to suggest using a portion of the M2 protein to immunize Transchromosomic miceTM, which are mice genetically-engineered to produce human antibodies. The TC MouseTM Technology, developed by Kirin's Pharmaceutical Division, allowed researchers to obtain influenza M2-specific human antibodies.

In conducting the research, Gemini scientists used synthetically created pieces of the H5NI avian flu virus, along with a number of other synthesized virus pieces, to analyze the effectiveness of the human anti-M2 antibodies, which had been created from theTranschromosomic miceTM. "In laboratory (in vitro) testing, they found that the anti-M2 antibodies bound to several different influenza strains, including the avian flu virus (H5N1)," Cheroutre said. "This reactivity means that if used in vivo (in a living organism) the infected cells would be recognized by the antibody and destroyed by the immune system." The study also found that a relatively low dose of the antibodies was needed to fight the various flu strains.

While most of the work was done on virus pieces to avoid the risk of using actual viruses, Gemini also tested the M2 antibodies on mice infected with a potentially lethal influenza strain, with similarities to the avian flu virus. "They found that those mice which received the human M2 antibody were protected, while those mice that did not get the M2 antibody would die," Cheroutre said.

Based upon the lab and mice testing, Gemini Science is now initiating pre-clinical studies required for the commencement of human clinical testing of the anti-M2 antibody, said Shinichiro Kato, Ph.D., Gemini's Chief Scientific Officer. Gemini, which is testing the antibody both as a treatment and preventative measure against flu, has expedited the research due to the recent cases of avian flu. Gemini is currently in discussions with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about establishing a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to jointly conduct further research. Gemini's findings were presented Saturday at the 45th annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC), which runs through Monday in Washington, D.C.

Read the entire article here, thanks to Bill Kilfoyle for the link.

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