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February 24, 2006

Claim Of Breakthrough In Photovoltaic Based Solar Energy ... - CarbonFree News

Claim Of Breakthrough In Photovoltaic Based Solar Energy ...
CarbonFree News, UK - Feb 23, 2006
... The project plans to put a full-scale commercial production plant into operation and two German based solar energy companies have shown strong interest in the ...

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Solar Panel Research - bye bye siliconDix Trix

Have you invested in Silicon stock? Did you believe that solar panel usage of silicon would outstrip microchip usage and you'd make a killing?

Well look out world, you're in for a bumpy ride!

The implications of the story quoted below go far beyond the simple fact that a cheaper and more efficient method of solar power generation has been developed. I've just mentioned silicon stocks, but others can easily be extrapolated.

This is almost like the "water fueled" vehicle. Always spoken about with a bit of a snigger, but what if?

Well this is a here and now!

Willem Steenkamp
February 11 2006 at 12:50PM
IOL article

In a scientific breakthrough that has stunned the world, a team of South African scientists has developed a revolutionary new, highly efficient solar power technology that will enable homes to obtain all their electricity from the sun.

This means high electricity bills and frequent power failures could soon be a thing of the past.

The unique South African-developed solar panels will make it possible for houses to become completely self-sufficient for energy supplies.

The panels are able to generate enough energy to run stoves, geysers, lights, TVs, fridges, computers - in short all the mod-cons of the modern house.

Nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of the SA invention
The new technology should be available in South Africa within a year and through a special converter, energy can be fed directly into the wiring of existing houses. New powerful storage units will allow energy storage to meet demands even in winter. The panels are so efficient they can operate through a Cape Town winter. while direct sunlight is ideal for high-energy generation, other daytime light also generates energy via the panels.

A team of scientists led by University of Johannesburg (formerly Rand Afrikaans University) scientist Professor Vivian Alberts achieved the breakthrough after 10 years of research. The South African technology has now been patented across the world.

One of the world leaders in solar energy, German company IFE Solar Systems, has invested more than R500-million in the South African invention and is set to manufacture 500 000 of the panels before the end of the year at a new plant in Germany.

Production will start next month and the factory will run 24 hours a day, producing more than 1 000 panels a day to meet expected demand.

Another large German solar company is negotiating with the South African inventors for rights to the technology, while a South African consortium of businesses are keen to build local factories.

The new, highly efficient and cheap alloy solar panel is much more efficient than the costly old silicone solar panels.

International experts have admitted that nothing else comes close to the effectiveness of the South African invention.

The South African solar panels consist of a thin layer of a unique metal alloy that converts light into energy. The photo-responsive alloy can operate on virtually all flexible surfaces, which means it could in future find a host of other applications.

Alberts said the new panels are approximately five microns thick (a human hair is 20 microns thick) while the older silicon panels are 350 microns thick. the cost of the South African technology is a fraction of the less effective silicone solar panels.

Alberts said in Switzerland it was already compulsory for all new houses to include solar technology to lessen energy demands on national grids.

"And that was the older, less effective technology. With our hours of sunlight, we will on average generate twice as much energy than, for instance, European countries."

While South African scientists developed and patented the new, super-effective alloy solar panels, other companies have developed new, super-efficient storage batteries and special converters to change the energy into the power source of a particular country (220 volts in South Africa).

  • Eskom spokesperson Carin de Villiers said any new power supply that lessened the load on Eskom was to be welcomed.

    She said Eskom was also doing its own research on solar energy.

    "In fact, we are currently investigating building what will probably be the largest solar power plant, in the Northern Cape - a 100-megawatt facility."

    She added that Eskom was also researching wind and fuel-cell technology as alternative energy sources.

      • This article was originally published on page 1 of Saturday Argus on February 11, 2006
  • >

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    More Speculation over Al Gore

    ... In today's The Hill, former Clinton advisor turned Clinton-hater Dick Morris writes on the possibility of Al Gore running for the Democratic Nomination in 2008. Morris argues that Gore is posturing himself to the left of Clinton (Hillary) in order to garner support from the party base. Morris writes: Gore has three things going for him: A ...
    The Agenda Gap View Technorati URL search

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    Global warming the biggest worry, Clinton tells forum - Stuff.co.nz

    Melbourne Herald Sun
    Global warming the biggest worry, Clinton tells forum
    Stuff.co.nz, New Zealand - 2 hours ago
    By JANNA HAMILTON. Former American president Bill Clinton told 600 of New Zealand's top business people their greatest worry in the world was global warming. ...
    Clinton says populate Melbourne Herald Sun
    all 3 related

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    A Look At The U.S. Department of Energy Funding

    An embarrassing moment for President Bush recently: With all his talk about increased alternative energy funding (22% increase in funding which he told the nation about in his state of the union), the budget for the National Renewable Energy Lab was recently cut by $28 million. Bush today gave NREL $5 million so that they could re-hire the workers that were laid off, but as the Oil Drum points out, this is probably at the expense of another Department of Energy project. Perhaps not though: "Rep. Mark Udall, D-Colo., co-chairman of the House Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, said the government has funded only one-third of the money the 2005 energy bill authorized for renewable energy and energy efficiency".

    It seems as if there has been an increased focus on energy funding lately. So, how has the Department of Energy's funding changed over the years?

    D.O.E. funding, 2006 base year. Src: U.S. Budget

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    Slate: Not The Right Time To Support Solar

    Slate has an article stating that Republican's are one-upping Bush in their support for solar power funding, but all this is at the wrong time...a couple of years too early. It's bad timing because the price of the polysilicon feedstock is at an all time high, discussed before, (also in this podcast) due to the high growth in the PV market especially from Germany. The price of photovoltaics is expected to be reduced by 20% within only 2 years as new silicon refineries are opened, but the relatively high price of polysilicon has pushed newer PV technology that uses less of the feedstock forward. From the article:
    Another reason to wait out the polysilicon price bubble is that the high prices are doing wonders for alternative solar-power technologies that use less polysilicon—or none at all. Several recent scientific advances have brought other materials to the efficiency levels of polysilicon. The competitor that's closest to market—some production has already started—is the thin-film photovoltaic cell. It uses an alloy of copper, indium, gallium, and diselenide instead of polysilicon, and it can be made on flexible rolls, which means that it's cheaper to produce than a polysilicon cell. Shell Solar, one of the biggest producers of photovoltaic cells, recently sold its polysilicon-cell business and bet its entire future on this new technology. Further down the road are quantum dots, holographic tuning, and organic photovoltaics. If these technologies fulfill their laboratory promise, they'll offer higher efficiency for less money.
    Some have been critical of photovoltaics companies for not securing long term polysilicon contracts like the microchip industry has done. Perhaps this will be more likely to happen when the PV market surpasses the microchip market in terms of polysilicon usage, which should happen shortly given the 40% yearly growth in the industry.

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    Renewables In Global Energy Supply

    The International Energy Agency has published a fact sheet called "Renewables in Global Energy Supply" (.pdf). A very interesting read.

    Fig 1. Fuel share of the world's total primary energy supply.
    Src: International Energy Agency, Renewables in Global Energy Supply

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    Google Should Build Their Own Nuclear Reactor

    Larry Page, co-founder of Google, said that running out of power is the biggest potential threat to his company and that powering Google's computers could soon cost more than the hardware. The Guardian is suggesting (or at least trying to start a rumor) that Google should build their own nuclear reactor (of course this is an exaggeration). Google's headquarters are in California, which may explain increased power costs. The chart below shows 2005 electricity prices in California compared to the rest of the US:

    Data adapted by theWatt from the EIA

    Electricity prices in California are 58% higher for commercial businesses than the average US price, 26% higher for residential use and 70% higher for industrial use.

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    New system could cut solar costs

    ... New system could cut solar costs Silicon Valley - A new solar energy system devised by entrepreneurs in a Silicon Valley garage could cut the cost of solar power in commercial buildings by at least half, Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center is expected to announce today. The entrepreneurs' start-up ...
    Interesting Times - UFO Weblog View Technorati URL search

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    D.O.E Assesment of China's Energy Requirements

    The Department of Energy, in consultation with the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, has published a report entitled "National Security Review of International Energy Requirements" (.pdf), focusing on China's energy growth and the implications of such growth on the interests of the US.

    China's energy requirements are growing at a rate of 3.2% per year (compared to 1.1% for the US) and are expected to double by 2025. China is the world's second largest energy consumer after the US but they still use 1/8th of the energy per capita compared to the US. In 1993, China became a net importer of oil and analysts believe their oil production has now peaked:

    Src: Section 1837: National Security Review of International Energy Requirements

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    Amendment Threatens Offshore US Wind Farms

    The US's first offshore wind farm, the 420MW (130 wind turbine) Cape Wind project, located on Nantucket Sound (offshore from Massachusetts), is in danger of being cancelled next week because of Alaska Congressman Don Young’s amendment to the Coast Guard Reauthorization bill. The amendment would ban offshore wind turbines within 1.5 miles of shipping and ferry lanes because they allegedly interfere with shipping and radio transmissions (oil platforms can be built within 500 feet of shipping lanes). Both sides of the debate have paid lobbyists thousands: the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound (a group against the offshore wind development) has paid more than $840,000 and Cape Wind Associates has spent $340,000.

    It certainly hasn't been easy going for Cape Wind and offshore wind farms in the US:
    A year ago, U.S. Sen. John Warner, R-Va., tried to slide language into a $447 billion defense spending bill that would have imposed a moratorium on offshore wind projects. Earlier this year, Warner and U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., tried to exempt wind farms located off coasts, near military bases, in national parks, and in other potentially sensitive locations from receiving a crucial federal tax subsidy. Earlier this fall, Young's committee considered making any offshore wind project subject to review by the commandant of the Coast Guard.
    Greenpeace suggests that you take action, since this could potentially affect other offshore wind proposals. Older news coverage about the wind farm is available here. Reading through those headlines, it's surprising that the project is still alive. If everything goes well, the wind farm should come online by 2009.

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    Judge to Google: Some thumbnails are illegal

    Google is faced with an injunction that will require it to stop displaying some pornographic thumbnails. What does this hold for the future of image search?

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    Democracy player brings power to the people

    New software from the Participatory Culture Foundation makes it easy to watch weird video clips from around the 'Net, but the goal is something much loftier: empowerment. Watch out, NBC—here comes the vlogosphere!

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    February 23, 2006

    India reports results of latest tests

    R.K. Srivastava, director general of health services, announced Thursday that all but one of 95 samples collected from residents of the Navapur area had tested negative for avian influenza.

    Srivastava said the remaining sample would be sent to the National Institute of Virology in western Pune city for further testing, the Press Trust of India reported.

    Officials in Navapur were taking no chances, stopping poultry workers from leaving town until they had been tested for bird flu. They were also discouraging people from attending weddings and other public events.

    They stopped short of a complete halt to people travelling to and from the town as they tried to prevent the virus from spreading outside of the affected area, the officials said.

    "Their movements have been restricted but not banned," said Dr P. Doke, director of health for the state, adding that the checkpoints were being set up seven kilometres (four miles) from the heart of the outbreak.

    "We are discouraging people from gathering and people shouldn't invite guests into this area," he said.


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    Reuters AlertNet - France has suspected farm bird flu case - ministry

    Reuters AlertNet - France has suspected farm bird flu case - ministry (info)
    France has found a suspected case of H5N1 bird flu in a turkey on a farm, which if confirmed would be the country's first case of the virus in a domestic bird, the farm ministry said on Thursday.

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    India investigates claims of bird flu cover-up

    Via SciDev.net: India investigates claims of bird flu cover-up.

    India is investigating media reports that a major poultry producer suppressed evidence of the nation's first bird flu outbreak by paying local people to bury dead chickens.

    Upma Chawdhry, a senior agriculture ministry official, told reporters in Delhi yesterday (21 February) that chicken deaths were first observed in Navapur in Marahashtra state as early as 27 January, but the government only found out on 8 February through a local newspaper report.

    With commercial poultry farms in the area under scrutiny, the Maharashtra state government yesterday charged Pune-based poultry producer Venkateshwara Hatcheries with concealing chicken deaths.

    The claims, if true, would mean that India lost 12 days that could have been used to contain the outbreak and raise awareness of the threat. In addition, anyone burying dead birds risked being infected with the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus.

    sonal follow-up: Yesterday, while checking my stats, I noticed that someone in India had googled their way to this site, and one of the terms they were looking for was "Venkateshwara Hatcheries." Well, if they're searching again today, here's another hit.

    More importantly, charges of cover-up in India and bureaucratic bungling in Indonesia need quick investigation. If true, the malefactors should be dealt with very promptly. As H5N1 spreads, governments and corporations alike need to know that honesty is not just the best policy, but the only policy that will save their lives.

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    India Begins Mass Slaughter of FowlABC News -

    ... India Begins Mass Slaughter of Fowl ABC News - NAVAPUR, India Feb 19, 2006 (AP) Health officials and farm workers in protective clothing began slaughtering hundreds of thousands of chickens in western India on Sunday, hoping to prevent the spread of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus. Europe Source: abcnews.go.com Louisville Slugger Softball ...
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    grippe aviaire dans un élevage allemand

    ... grippe aviaire dans un élevage allemand jeudi 23 février 2006 (Reuters - 11:14) HAMBOURG - L'Allemagne a annoncé un premier cas suspect de grippe aviaire dans un élevage de canards de l'île de Rügen, dans le nord du pays. Selon les premières analyses, le virus H5N1 a été retrouvé chez un animal provenant d'une ferme de l'île de la mer ...
    la grippe aviaire : le nouveau risque mondial ? View Technorati URL search

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    OMS: les changements du virus H5N1 peuvent favoriser la contamination des oiseaux

    ... OMS: les changements du virus H5N1 peuvent favoriser la contamination des oiseaux L’OMS a indiqué que la grippe H5N1 a infecté des oiseaux dans 14 pays supplémentaires depuis le début de ce mois [ février 2006 ], et les changements génétiques récents du virus peuvent avoir quelque chose à voir avec sa diffusion rapide dans les oiseaux. L'agence ...
    la grippe aviaire : le nouveau risque mondial ? View Technorati URL search

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    slovakia says finds first cases of h5n1 flu virus - boston.com

    BRATISLAVA (Reuters) - Initial tests in Slovakia showed the H5N1 strain of bird flu in a wild falcon and a grebe, the first two cases of the virus found in the country, Agriculture Minister Zsolt Simon said on Thursday. The samples will now be tested in EU's reference laboratory in Weybridge... expect that the samples will be delivered sometime today," Simon told reporters. He said the H5N1.... "The (initial) tests showed H5N1 type of virus," Simon said. The dead grebe was found near the Danube

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    Hungary - British tests confirm first

    British tests confirm first H5N1 case in Hungary (AlertNet) BUDAPEST, Feb 21 (Reuters) - A British laboratory detected the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain in three dead swans found in Hungary last week... swans found in Hungary 'infected with H5N1' (Irish Examiner) Test results from the European Union???s laboratory have confirmed that three dead swans found in Hungary were infected with the H5N1 strain... (The Australian) A BRITISH laboratory detected the deadly H5N1 bird flu strain in three dead swans found

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    February 20, 2006

    Gravitomatic Introduces Method for Obtaining Heat from Gravity

    An insight based on the principle of resonance leads to a new original application for the mysterious force of gravity. Present prototypes run at around 250 percent efficiency. (PESN; Feb. 17, 2006)

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    Rise of solar energy puts squeeze on silicon supplies - San Diego Union Tribune

    Rise of solar energy puts squeeze on silicon supplies
    San Diego Union Tribune, United States - Feb 17, 2006
    ... that while demand for solar panels is increasing, the ability to meet that demand hasn't caught up, said Reed, president of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association ...

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    Congressional delegation: NREL jobs to be restoredThe Associated Press

    DENVER (AP) On the eve of President Bush's visit to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, employees laid off earlier this month got news that their jobs will be restored.

    Members of Colorado's congressional delegation got word late Sunday that the administration found money to save the jobs at the lab in Golden, one of the nation's prime research facilities for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

    An Energy Department spokesperson was not immediately available to comment. An administration official who did not want to be named before a formal announcement confirmed the news.

    President Bush plans to visit the lab in Golden on Tuesday.

    ``They managed to come up with a good plan to restore the funding and right the ship,'' Rep. Bob Beauprez, R-Colo., said Monday.

    Beauprez, whose district includes the lab in suburban Denver, said David Garman, a U.S. energy undersecretary, told him that money could be transferred to NREL as early as Monday to reinstate the jobs as quickly as possible. He said he was told the money would come from funds that hadn't been appropriated.

    The layoffs were announced Feb. 7 after $28 million was diverted from NREL. The money went to various energy-related projects earmarked by members of Congress.

    Beauprez said he didn't believe the restoration of the jobs and Bush's visit were linked.

    People who lost their jobs earlier this month welcomed the news.

    ``I'm cautiously optimistic,'' said Carol Tombari, who headed a group that worked with state and local governments on increasing efficiency and using alternate energy sources.

    Gary Nakarado worked on regulatory issues before receiving notice that he would be let go. He said Monday that it was ``excellent news'' that funding would be restored and he was hopeful that senior scientists in the administration recognize how important it is to find solutions to the nation's energy issues.

    The lab initially faced up to 100 layoffs. The staff tried to save jobs by delaying some equipment purchases, making cuts in travel and subcontracting.

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    Drive Your Car On Zinc Powder

    ... A revolutionary method of using concentrated solar energy for producing hydrogen in a clean, safe and inexpensive way was developed by a cooperation of scientists from Israel, Sweden, Switzerland and France. This new method, based on the production of pure zinc, may enable an easier and quicker move to a hydrogen-based economy thus reducing the ...
    the Challenge View Technorati URL search

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    BBC's Distributed Climate Change Computer Model Looking For Users

    The BBC and climateprediction.net are running a climate change experiment and need your idle processing power. This is similar to the SETI@Home experiment, except they're not looking for ET. You can sign up here. The BBC also has a very nice guide to climate change available.

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    U.S. Oil Stocks Higher Than Expected

    Oil stocks in the US shot up by 4 times what analysts and traders expected last week, which resulted in a continued drop in oil prices. Oil stocks in the US are at the highest levels since the end of June.

    Src: EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report

    We've been lucky this winter because of warm weather but analysts say that uncertainty in Iran about their nuclear program could lead to wild swings in the price of oil.

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    Greenland Ice Sheets Losing Mass Twice As Fast

    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory released an article in Science Magazine last week saying that Greenland's glaciers have been dumping ice into the Atlantic Ocean at a rate that has almost doubled over the past five years and almost tripled in the last 10 years. Greenland ice sheet's annual loss has risen from 91 cubic kilometers in 1996 to 224 cubic kilometers in 2005 and it now contributes about 17% to the global sea level increase every year, which increases by 3 millimeters per year.

    Data adapted by theWatt from Rignot and Kanagaratnam, Science, 311 986-990 (2006)

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    Global Warming 30 Times Faster than Expected

    ... The last time the Earth experienced significant warming was 55 million years ago. Currently, greenhouse gases--carbon dioxide and methane--are being emitted into the atmosphere 30 times faster than they were during the last warming cycle. From Common Dreams: James Zachos, professor of earth sciences at the University of California, Santa ...
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    New Bush bio details meeting with anti-environmentalist Crichton

    ... Chrichton’s 2004 novel, “State of Fear,” suggests that global warming is an unproven theory and an overstated threat. The biography describes Bush as “a dissenter,” and notes that the president “avidly read” the novel and met the author. Author Fred Barnes says Mr. Bush and Crichton “talked for an hour and were in near-total agreement.” “The ...
    The LoperCo. Post View Technorati URL search

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    February 10, 2006

    10 Vacant Ph. D. positions in solar thermal energy in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain and Italy

    ... Participating in SOLNET (Marie Curie EST project), the Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory offers a PhD scholarship to develop a research work in photovoltaic-thermal hybrid generation. SOLNET is the first coordinated international PhD education program o­n Solar Thermal Engineering. In the framework of SOLNET project ten coordinated ...
    B2B Renewable Energies :: View Technorati URL search

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    Huge solar energy plant planned for Nevada - MSNBC

    Huge solar energy plant planned for Nevada
    MSNBC - Feb 8, 2006
    LAS VEGAS - A pair of companies have announced plans to build the largest solar energy project of its kind in southern Nevada to sell electricity to the ...
    Solar thermal power coming of age MSNBC
    Largest solar power plant in a generation to be built in Nevada Mongabay.com
    Large solar energy plant planned for Clark County Las Vegas Sun
    all 7 related

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    Peres: Israel must become solar energy superpower - Jerusalem Post

    Peres: Israel must become solar energy superpower
    Jerusalem Post, Israel - Feb 9, 2006
    Speaking before a group of agriculture researchers in the Arava Valley he said that Israel must take advantage of the abundant solar energy, instead of relying ...

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    MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative: Nanotube Structures Key To WorkScienceDaily Headlines: Matter & Energy

    Just about everything that runs on batteries -- flashlights, cell phones, electric cars, missile-guidance systems -- would be improved with a better energy supply. But traditional batteries haven't progressed far beyond the basic design developed by Alessandro Volta in the 19th century. Until now. Work at MIT's Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems holds out the promise of the first technologically significant and economically viable alternative to conventional batteries in more than 200 years.

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    Lawmakers slam Bush cut in weatherization fundsBoston.com / News / National news

    Democratic lawmakers on Thursday slammed the Bush administration's proposal to cut funds for a government program that helps poor people weatherize their homes, even though the White House's energy task force recommended increasing money for the program.

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    Current global warming is out of the ordinary, scientists report - DV Hardware

    Current global warming is out of the ordinary, scientists report
    DV Hardware, Belgium - 6 hours ago
    National Geographic reports about a new study that found the current global warming period is the longest in 1,200 years. They studied ...
    Study: Global warming worst in 1,200 years United Press International
    New evidence of global warming Radio New Zealand
    Global warming biggest since Viking era Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription)
    Sydney Morning Herald - PhysOrg.com - all 46 related

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    Solar Energy Is Gaining Powerful Friends - New York Times

    It was not so many years ago that solar power was a niche concept for electricity generation, an idea embraced mostly by the green-minded who were eager to do their part for energy conservation.

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    Venture Capital Investment Up 10% Over Q3 and At Highest Levels Since the Dot.com and Tech Bust in 2000

    cells and equipment for solar energy products, raised $30 million in Series C financing from... and alternative energy sectors as two industries that are starting to see increased VC investment. San Diego... a large increase in investment, including wireless technology and alternative energy, which both saw... significant improvement occurred in the alternative energy sector. The U.S. Renewables Group, a company which buys and operates various renewable energy assets, raised $80 million in equity financing from

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    Falwell won't join friends on global warming initiative - Lynchburg News and Advance

    Falwell won't join friends on global warming initiative
    Lynchburg News and Advance, VA - 12 hours ago
    ... Jerry Falwell will not join dozens of evangelical leaders in endorsing an initiative urging the US government to curb emissions in combating global warming. ...
    Dave Burchett Crosswalk.com
    all 2 related

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    Clean energy meeting disappoints conservationistsNew Scientist - Climate Change

    The first meeting of the six-nation Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate predicts a doubling of carbon emissions by 2050

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    UK wind power takes a batteringNew Scientist - Climate Change

    An energy analyst has claimed that the UK government's plan to derive one-fifth of the nation's energy from renewables by 2020 is not feasible

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    White House aims to open Gulf waters for drillingNews: Front Page -- MiamiHerald.com

    Citing the country's thirst for more oil and gas, the Bush administration Wednesday said it wants to open more than two million acres of Florida waters in the Gulf of Mexico to energy exploration.

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    February 09, 2006

    Blogosphere Keeps Growing

    Dave Sifry (Technorati CEO): State of the Blogosphere, February 2006, Summary:

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    February 07, 2006

    Austin Energy Excels as #1 Green Energy Electricity Utility in America

    This is an extensively updated post with a list of the top ten green energy programs in the United States and links to these electric utilities. One of the biggest differences we can make is to switch to "green energy" - energy generated from 100% renewable sources.

    If you live in a part of the United States that is not served by an electric utility on this list please see this List of Green Energy Providers by State.

    As our energy challenges are global I appreciate every assistance in compiling a similar list of renewable energy providers in other countries. Feel free to email or leave a comment.

    Returning to the United States, Austin Energy has shown its commitment to renewable energy by topping the list. The U.S. Department of Energy said Austin Energy's Green Choice program sold more than 334 million hours of renewable energy last year.

    More than 350 businesses in Austin get their power from renewable sources as an alternative to fossil fuels.

    Austin Energy uses electricity from 61 West Texas wind turbines.

    Here's the top ten green energy programs in the United States (as of December 2004).

    1. Austin Energy -
    areas served include Austin, Texas
    green energy from Wind Power, Land Fill Gas, Small Hydro -
    334 MWh/year

    2. Portland General Electric (PGE) -
    areas served include Portland, Oregon
    green power from existing Geothermal, Wind Power, Small Hydro - 262 MWh/year

    3. PacifiCorp - includes Pacific Power and Utah Power
    areas served include:
    Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, California, Utah, Idaho
    green energy from Wind Power, Biomass, Solar Energy -
    191 MWh/year

    4. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) -
    green power from Landfill Gas, Wind Power, Small Hydro, Solar Energy - 176 MWh/year

    5. Xcel Energy -
    areas served include: Denver,Colorado; Elkhart, Kansas; Wakefield, Michigan; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Roswell, New Mexico; Fargo, North Dakota; Boise City, Idaho; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Amarillo, Texas; Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    green electricity from Wind Power - 137 MWh/year

    6. National Grid -
    areas served include:
    New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nantucket
    green power from Biomass, Wind Power, Small Hydro, Solar Energy - 88 MWh/year

    7. Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADPW) -
    area served Los Angeles through the Green LA program
    green energy from Wind Power, Landfill Gas - 75 MWh/year

    8. OG&E Electric Services -
    area served Oklahoma
    green electricity from Wind Power - 56 MWh/year

    9. Puget Sound Energy (PSE)-
    area served Washington state
    green energy from Wind Power, Solar Energy, Biogas -
    46 MWh/year

    10. We Energies -
    areas served include Wisconsin and Michigan
    green power from Landfill Gas, Wind Power, Small Hydro -
    40 MWh/year

    (source: NREL)

    MWh/year = million kWh/year rounded down

    List of Green Energy Providers by State

    One of the single biggest ways we as individuals can encourage the use of alternative energy and help aid the transition to a post fossil fuel age is to buy electricity partly, or preferably completely, generated using alternative energy.

    Switching your electricity utility provider may be as simple as requesting a form or filling one in online. That's exactly how I switched to 100% renewable energy (generated mainly from wind power with some solar power and small scale hydro thrown into the mix). Renewable energy options are available throughout the U.K. and in many other countries.

    To find out if you can switch to renewable energy in your area look on your search engine of choice for "green energy", "green power" or "green electricity". You may also need to add your location to the search. If your local utility doesn't provide a renewable energy option yet, email or call them and ask why.

    Original News 8 Austin Article

    Green-e Certified Electricity Products

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    Skyscraper Creates More Energy Than it Uses

    ... [ pearlriver2.jpg]Here's the kind of thinking you'd expect from a firm located in the Windy City. Chicago-based Skidmore, Owings & Merrill has designed a 69-story corporate headquarters that uses wind power to produce more energy than it consumes. The design of the Pearl River Tower, planned for Guangzhou, China, may set new standards for ...
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    Solar Energy Kit Gives Prius 10% Better Mileage

    ... Now this is very cool. Solatec LLC has released a stick-on solar panel kit that charges your hybrid while parked.Solatec LLC's new photovoltaic kit for the 2004-2006 Toyota Prius contains two flexible, conformal rooftop-mounted solar panels that charge the hybrid automobile's auxiliary battery through a proprietary charger/current-limiter ...
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    February 01, 2006

    Carbon, Global Warming and Understanding Our Options - WorldChanging

    Carbon, Global Warming and Understanding Our Options
    WorldChanging - 4 hours ago
    ... There's general consensus among climatologists that we'll start to see the more serious impacts of global warming when the global average temperature reaches 2 ...

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    President Bush Forgets About Global Warming - ABC News

    Macon Area Online
    President Bush Forgets About Global Warming
    ABC News - 8 hours ago
    ... in his State of the Union speech that the country is "addicted to oil," but he did not mention the other massive issue that's tied to oi … global warming. ...
    Global warming demands urgent solutions-scientists Reuters AlertNet
    Global warming in the Golden State San Jose Mercury News
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    Ballard shares up on US bid to cut energy imports - Reuters Canada

    Forest Certification Watch (subscription)
    Ballard shares up on US bid to cut energy imports
    Reuters Canada, Canada - 11 hours ago
    ... percent on Wednesday, buoyed by US President George W. Bush's comments that reliance on foreign oil must be tempered by developing alternative energy sources. ...
    Ethanol, clean energy become priority Bush administration ... Forest Certification Watch (subscription)
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    Alternative energy shares fall after Bush speech - Reuters

    Alternative energy shares fall after Bush speech
    Reuters - 8 hours ago
    ... in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, set goals of reducing dependence on foreign oil by 75 percent by 2025 and raising alternative energy funding by 22 ...
    Pacific Ethanol shares surge ahead of Bush speech Reuters
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    Skeptics Nip at Bush's Oil Pledge

    of the research dollars. Funding for solar energy research would increase by nearly 78 percent, from $83 million to $148 million, while spending on wind-technology research would

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