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March 27, 2006

Thermal Solar Power Booming in Spain

The Spanish thermal solar power race is on. In Spain, a company called Solucar has a 11 MW solar tower power project under construction, two more 20 MW towers being financed and permitted and 300 MW of parabolic trough plants under development. ACS Cobra has three 50 MW of parabolic trough plants due to start construction soon. In addition Spain's largest utility, Iberdrola, has announced that it has ten parabolic trough trough projects totaling 500 MW underdevelopment. An array of smaller projects brings Spain's total pipeline of solar projects to near 1,000 MW. All this activity results from a 2004 ministerial ruling, Royal Decree 436, which establishes two alternative payment schemes, both guaranteed over the 25 year life-cycle of thermal solar plants, and diminishing thereafter. The first is a fixed, guaranteed payment of 300% of the Average Reference Tariff (ART) for electricity. The second induces operators to compete on the national wholesale electricity market. Here, CSP generation receives 250% of...

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1000 Suns From Huge Concentrating Dish

... "The dish is 4,300 square feet, but the actual solar panel part is only 3 inches by 3 inches! This will soon be tested by the National Solar Energy Center in Israel." Somehow this brings to mind that guy in Portland or Seattle I blogged about previously who built his own DIY death ray machine ... and array of little vanity-type mirrors that ...
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Guinness Atkinson Set To Launch Alternative Energy Mutual Fund

Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, Inc., announced the upcoming launch of the no-load Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund, which will invest in companies involved in the production, distribution or storage of alternative energy, including energy conservation. The fund is designed as a vehicle for investors seeking to profit from and participate in the shift from conventional fuels to alternative energy sources.

The fund will invest primarily in companies that produce 50 percent or more of revenues from alternative energy and will be managed with an emphasis on value. Lead manager of the fund will be Tim Guinness, Chief Investment Officer of Guinness Atkinson, who also manages the Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Fund.

Guinness Atkinson has produced an in-depth, eight page research report called the Alternative Energy Revolution. This report provides an analysis of various alternative energy technologies and includes a discussion of the shift underway from conventional to alternative energy.

The anticipated launch date for the Fund is March 31. Investors wishing to learn more can request a prospectus and a copy of the Alternative Energy Revolution by calling 800 915-6565 or by visiting the GA Funds website. [ more ]

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Bush Touts Coal use for energy independence - Wheeling Intelligencer

Bush Touts Coal use for energy independence
Wheeling Intelligencer, WV - 21 hours ago
... Manchin discussed coal liquefaction — a chemical process that turns coal into a fuel that can be used in vehicles — as an alternative energy source for the ...
Politicos Turn Out for Bush Wheeling Intelligencer
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Solar Energy’s Bright Future

A very rosy picture is painted for the solar industry in this article in Red Herring. A good read. Some short excerpts:During the last year, solar power got more buzz with each oil and natural gas spike ... Some solar stocks doubled in just the last three months ... The worldwide solar market grew from $8.3 billion in 2004 to more than $12 billion in 2005 ... expects the market to top $16 billion this year and $40 billion in 2010 ... That still leaves a peanut-sized industry compared to fossil fuel—a trillion-dollar-plus market ... It’s not a matter of if solar will play a big part in electricity generation, but when. ... That’s one reason why plenty of venture capitalists are happy to bet on these companies. Energy is one of the greatest problems facing the world ... Peak times, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., roughly correspond to when the sun shines. In some parts of California, solar prices...

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Wind Energy Costs Dropping Below Conventional Sources

The cost of wind-generated electricity for consumers is now less that of electricity from conventional sources in some markets. An article from the Earth Policy Institute gives an interesting insight about the inroads that wind energy is making into our energy infrastructure.When Austin Energy, the publicly owned utility in Austin, Texas, launched its GreenChoice program in 2000, customers opting for green electricity paid a premium. During the fall of 2005, climbing natural gas prices pulled conventional electricity costs above those of wind-generated electricity, the source of most green power. This crossing of the cost lines in Austin and several other communities is a milestone in the U.S. shift to a renewable energy economy. Overall, U.S. wind-generating capacity expanded by 36 percent in 2005, reaching 9,149 megawatts. This year it could expand by 50 percent. At the end of 2005, there were commercial wind farms in 30 states. (Data at can be found here.) Wind power generation would grow even faster...

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The Right Way To Deal With Electricity

In Ontario, Canada, demand for electricity will begin to exceed available supply by 2014 and by 2025, there will be an energy gap of 10,000MW. Right now the average power demand is about 21,000MW, in 2025 it will be about 35,000MW.
Here's Ontario's electricity breakdown right now:

The Ontario government is in crisis mode trying to figure out what has to be done, and they're asking for suggestions.

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Iceland Drills Deeper For More Geothermal

Iceland has a $20 million project on the go, drilling into the heart of a volcano to produce 10 times the amount of geothermal power as any previous geothermal project. Most of Iceland's geothermal energy (which powers 90% of Iceland's homes) comes from boreholes between 600 and 1,000m deep. The new project hopes to reach depths of 4000m so that they can get steam at higher pressures and higher temperatures, which produces more power. The estimate is that increasing the steam temperature by 200 deg C and pressure by 200Bar will increase power delivery from 5MW to 50MW for the same steam flow rates.

Where Iceland gets its energy from:

Primary energy sources in Iceland. Source

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March 21, 2006

Stop Global Warming Virtual March

We have placed a form in the left column so that readers can sign up for the upcoming Stop Global Warming Virtual March. It is our belief that the quest to quickly develop an alternative to our present carbon-based energy addiction is the single most important political action of this generation. Anything that brings the public together on this issue is of vital importance. The Virtual March is clearly a step in the right direction if it can help forge a poltically active global environment community.

Kevin Phillips, the Conservative commentator who was one of the first to predict a shift in America to a Republican majority, argues in his most recent book American Theocracy that oil is one of three broad and related trends that threaten the future of the United States and world.

A New York Times review puts it this way:

The American press in the first days of the Iraq war reported extensively on the Pentagon's failure to post American troops in front of the National Museum in Baghdad, which, as a result, was looted of many of its great archaeological treasures. Less widely reported, but to Phillips far more meaningful, was the immediate posting of troops around the Iraqi Oil Ministry, which held the maps and charts that were the key to effective oil production. Phillips fully supports an explanation of the Iraq war that the Bush administration dismisses as conspiracy theory — that its principal purpose was to secure vast oil reserves that would enable the United States to control production and to lower prices. ("Think of Iraq as a military base with a very large oil reserve underneath," an oil analyst said a couple of years ago. "You can't ask for better than that.") Terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, tyranny, democracy and other public rationales were, Phillips says, simply ruses to disguise the real motivation for the invasion.

Add your name to the list of marchers.

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March 20, 2006

OPD Ships First Pelamis Wave Generator

Ocean Power Delivery Ltd (OPD) shipped the first of three 750kW Pelamis machines from Scotland to Portugal for installation in the world's first commercial wave farm to be operated by a Portuguese consortium led by Enersis SA. The machines will be delivered to the Port of Peniche where they will undergo final assembly prior to commissioning and installation later this year at a site 5km off the coast of northern Portugal, near to Póvoa de Varzim. The 2.25MW system will be the first stage of a 24MW plant. OPD has secured a Letter of Intent for a further 28 machines to complete the plant once the first phase has been successfully installed and commissioned. The first full scale pre-production prototype has been built and is undergoing tests at the European Marine Energy Center in Orkney....

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Cypress: Solar Power to be Competitive in Five Years

Solar power will be competitive with mainstream electricity generation method in five years according to Cypress Semiconductor, which has a solar cell manufacturing subsidiary, SunPower. Norm Taffe, executive vice president of Cypress, said that We're four to five years away from the point at which solar is cost-effective with traditional electricity generation without any subsidy. SunPower has a higher conversion efficiency of 20%, the highest in the industry and doesn't see much improvement in that, rather sees cost savings coming from increasing production efficiencies. Cypress's forecast of when solar PV costs will be competitive with traditional electricity generation is optimistic by my usually optimistic estimates, at least for silicon PV cells. SunPower, because of its affiliation with Cypress doesn't have to worry nearly as much about silicon supplies, but that doesn't mean that their cost will be any less. According to forecasts I have seen, we will have a silicon shortage until 2009. Until then cost reductions, for the most...

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IRS issues rules for energy tax credits - Dayton Daily News (subscription)

IRS issues rules for energy tax credits
Dayton Daily News (subscription), OH - 22 hours ago
... The law also allows tax credits for adding solar energy panels, solar water heating equipment, or a fuel cell power plant to their homes. ...
How To Spend "The Advanced Energy Initiative" and "The American ... Blogcritics.org
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US Geothermal Power Poised to Double, New Survey ShowsAlternative + Renewable Energy News and Information

Posted in the News: Source: U.S. Newswire (press release), appx. 455 words

The 2006 Update on US Geothermal Power Production and Development (get report here) indicates that roughly 45 projects are underway that could nearly double U.S. geothermal power output The U.S. had 2,828 MW of geothermal power capacity on-line in 2005.

New projects in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Utah would provide between 1,817.9 MW and 2094.9MW of new electric power for the grid.

Accordnig to Karl Gawell, Executive Director of the Geothermal Energy Association "New federal and state initiatives to promote geothermal energy are paying off [...] State renewable standards coupled with the federal production tax credit are creating a renaissance in US geothermal power production".

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Danish Wind Energy AssociationAlternative + Renewable Energy News and Information

Posted in the Directory:

As a national interests organisation our goal is to promote Denmark as the global Wind Power Hub to allow the Danish wind industry to continue to contribute to growth, employment and prosperity.

Whatever you do, if you are interested at all in wind energy, check out the Guided Tour on wind energy.

The rest of the site is chock full of good windy stuff. Those Danish take their wind seriously.

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Bartlett: Peak Oil in Congress - one year onAlternative + Renewable Energy News and Information

Posted in the News: Source: Energy Bulletin, appx. 8402 words

This is a transcript of a speech given before the US House of Representatives on 14th March 2006 by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, where he covers the topic of peak oil, the anniversary of M. King Hubbert's talk from 1956, and the need for energy efficiency and renewable resources.

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Survey: 3 Out of 4 Americans Fault Federal Leadership on Global Warming & Alternative Energy, Back Growing State & Local EffortsAlternative + Renewable Energy News and Information

Posted in the News: Source: Yahoo! News (press release), appx. 1251 words

From the article: 77 percent of Americans think that "developing alternative or renewable energy sources and reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil should be President Bush's top priority for the balance of his term in office".

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BWEA - The windiest country in Europe!Alternative + Renewable Energy News and Information

Posted in the Directory:

The British Wind Energy Association is the trade and professional body for the UK wind and marine renewables industries... BWEA is the largest renewable energy trade association in the UK

The website is chock full of information about onshore and offshore wind, the usual FAQs about turbines, a plethora of reports, studies and consultations, and even marine renewable energy. Worth a visit if you are looking for information about wind farms in the United Kingdom.

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Climate Change and The Kronstadt Uprising

... As one who is somewhat uncertain about the causes of global warming, but is nevertheless concerned about it; the family computer has been pressed into service, along with 156,141 others from 154 Countries around the world, as part of a global climate modeling experiment, and today it has reached 24 March 1921 on its' slow progress through the ...
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Environmentalists urge G8 to focus on alternative energy sources - Interfax-Religion

Environmentalists urge G8 to focus on alternative energy sources
Interfax-Religion, Russia - 8 hours ago
... "Despite the delusions that alternative energy sources are expensive, the share of green energy, including solar, wind and geothermal power, is comparable in ...
US invites Russia to join nuclear energy project RIA Novosti
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The attack on Global Warming

... The attack on Global Warming "60 Minutes" aired a piece last night that is "must see" TV. (Full story here) DarkSyde at Kos: NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen again blasted the Bush-Cheney White House, saying that Climate Change is 'real', and that human activity is the most likely cause "There's no doubt about that, says Hansen. "The ...
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Sundance 2006- Nader and Gore

... "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."                                                   -George Bernard Shaw                                                   Man and Superman (1903)   AN UNREASONABLE MAN ...
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This can't be good

... Via National Geographic News, Arctic Ice Isn't Refreezing in the Winter, Satellites Show. For the second year in a row a large amount of Arctic sea ice did not refreeze during the winter as it normally does, a team of scientists reports. This trend may indicate an overall shrinking of Arctic ice cover due to rapid global climate change. ...
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Solarworld, Alternative-Energy Shares May Drop as Oil Declines - Bloomberg

Solarworld, Alternative-Energy Shares May Drop as Oil Declines
Bloomberg - Mar 12, 2006
... natural gas. Countries also are investing in alternative energy to reduce emissions of so-called greenhouse gases. US President ...

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Global warming fuelling hurricanes - Hindu

Global warming fuelling hurricanes
Hindu, India - Mar 18, 2006
London: Global warming is increasing the frequency of the most intense hurricanes, insist scientists who have analysed data from six oceans. ...

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Hot topic: Evangelicals debate global warming - Science & Theology News

Hot topic: Evangelicals debate global warming
Science & Theology News, MA - 3 hours ago
... 80 prominent evangelical leaders, asserts that climate change is an urgent problem and that the Christian faith mandates a strong response to global warming. ...

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Study Links "Smog" to Arctic Warming - YubaNet

Study Links "Smog" to Arctic Warming
YubaNet, CA - 4 hours ago
... troposphere), ozone can damage human health, crops and ecosystems. Ozone is also a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming. ...
The Global Warming Scam Lew Rockwell
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Global warming reaches ‘tipping point’ - Daily Times

Global warming reaches ‘tipping point’
Daily Times, Pakistan - 19 hours ago
Human-fueled global warming has reached a “tipping point,” according to a new survey of scientific research that found warming would continue even if ...
Environmentalists want it both ways Seattle Post Intelligencer
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March 10, 2006

Saving energy with probabilistic chips

As CMOS technology reaches the nanoscale level, researchers are looking at 'noise' and other perturbations. And some of them at the Georgia Institute of Technology have taken advantage of this 'noise' to achieve incredible energy savings by a factor of more than 500 in simulations with their probabilistic CMOS (PCMOS) chips. Such embedded chips could be used for specific applications such as video or audio signal processing within a year -- if industrial partners agree to use this technology.

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The Methanol Economy

Technology Review writes:

The hydrogen economy -- with its vision of gas-guzzling engines replaced by hydrogen fuel cells that produce water instead of smog and greenhouse gases -- is a big mistake, according to George Olah, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

rch in the chemistry of hydrocarbons has led to high-octane fuels and more easily degradable hydrocarbons, is now director of the Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute at the University of Southern California. He argues that storing energy in the form of methanol, not hydrogen, could end our dependence on fossil fuels and transform carbon dioxide from a global-warming liability into an essential raw material for a methanol-based economy. Olah lays out his plan in a new book, Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy, published last week by Wiley-VCH.

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Governor signs solar tax credit and three education bills (Las Cruces Sun-News)

... SANTA FE -- New Mexicans could get state tax credits for installing solar energy systems in their homes and businesses under a bill signed into law Friday by Gov. Bill Richardson. ...
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Think solar not nuclear for the energy of the future, say UK ... - PhysOrg.com

Think solar not nuclear for the energy of the future, say UK ...
PhysOrg.com, VA - Mar 2, 2006
... the same amount of electricity that it is predicted Germany will generate through photovoltaics by 2012 if it continues to expand its solar energy programme at ...

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Searching for an Energy Revolution - Motley Fool

Searching for an Energy Revolution
Motley Fool - 8 hours ago
... Yet there is a ton of buzz surrounding solar energy stocks like SunPower (Nasdaq: SPWR), Evergreen Solar (Nasdaq: ESLR), and Suntech Power, and the stocks have ...

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Solar industry chases a cheaper kilowatt - CNET News.com

USA Today
Solar industry chases a cheaper kilowatt
CNET News.com, CA - 12 hours ago
... seem to be taking the advice of none other than Thomas Edison, the legendary inventor who famously exclaimed: "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy.". ...
California taking power of sun mainstream USA Today
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Alternative Energy Argentina: Bringing Wind Power to Remote Areas

Max Seitz reports for the BBC that wind power is the most widespread renewable energy source in Argentina - and Patagonia in particular has extraordinary potential due to its strong and constant winds.

He travelled to southern Chubut province, about 890 miles south of Buenos Aires, where wind power is making life easier for a number of isolated communities

In the midst of a dark wilderness, wind-generated electricity is changing lives in the region, lighting homes and schools in remote areas.

"Patagonia provides ideal conditions, unique almost, for the development of wind power," explained Hector Mattio, Director of the Regional Centre for Wind Power (or Cree in Spanish).

"We get very strong sustained winds of 11 metres per second, while in Europe they usually only reach about nine," Mattio added.

Cree - funded by the Chubut government and located in the provincial capital Rawson, near Trelew - currently has many community projects on the go to install wind generators.

So far, more than 300 isolated rural villages in Chubut have received small wind turbines which provide them with light, communication and power for domestic electric appliances.

A 66-year-old Araucano Indian, Julian Ibanez, welcomed us to his stone-built house.

Julian owns horses and sheep but his prize possession is a three-blade, 12-metre high wind turbine with 600-watt power (the equivalent of 10 light bulbs). Like others in the region, he simply calls it the "windmill".

"They installed the windmill a while ago now and it's changed our lives. We didn't have electricity before, just a kerosene lamp and that was it; now we have light and we can listen to the radio."

Julian led me to a plain bedroom, where he had a fuse box attached to the wall and a 12-volt car battery, and explained how everything worked.

The wind turns the windmill blades and a cable takes the energy produced into the house. The fuse box controls the voltage and battery charge.

Marcos added that the electrical supply is constant - whether it comes directly from the generator or, when there is no wind, from what has been stored by the accumulator.

Some dwellings have installed an inverter, a gadget to transform a 12 volt output into 220 volts - ideal for domestic appliances.

Another inhabitant of the area, 30-year-old Adelino Cual, also an Araucano, had this to say: "We have electricity 24 hours a day, not just the little lamp we had before. We no longer have to buy kerosene or gas-oil. It works out cheaper for us."

The engineers had shown him how to work and maintain the generator and the fuse box: "They taught me, for example, how to change the fuses if they blow; I've changed them several times," he said.

And Marcos added that the idea is for those benefiting from the technology to be self-sufficient.

After visiting the hamlets around about, we made our way to the heart of Chacay Oeste, which comprises a dozen or so houses and a school-shelter which accommodates some 30 pupils from neighbouring settlements.

The school has been provided with six wind turbines, installed by Cree in the highest part of the town.

"They provide energy for our building, for the shelter and also the teachers' houses. During the school holidays, they are used to supply energy to the rest of the village".

Before turbines were installed, Chacay Oeste got its electricity from a petrol generator, the noise of which had become part of the landscape for the locals.

"The windmills have changed things a lot for the youngsters. Now they have access to computers, and teachers can educate them through television programmes."

"Now I feel I communicate more with other people. Not like before - we were a bit unsociable," Julian confessed after telling me that he regularly listens to the radio to find out what is going on, and that he really appreciates the Cree technicians' visits.

And at Cree they confirm that this is indeed what it is all about: The social impact the technology has had on the communities has helped to integrate them more.

Full BBC Article

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... Americans Want Action on Global Warming As was widely predicted, President Bush failed to provide leadership for significant action against global warming at the G-8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. This despite a new new PIPA/Knowledge Networks Poll conducted 6/22-26 revealing that his policies on global warming… Hurricanes and Global Warming ...
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Washington Post: The planet can’t wait (w/toast)

... [ Polar bear family] As we head into another pleasant midwinter New England heat wave this weekend, it’s good timing for David Ignatius’ column in The Washington Post . He covers it all from the tiniest frog to planetary disruptions all while taking aim at the Bush Administration for their obstructionism. Might as well scream it from the top of ...
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Forest changes linked to global warming - Minnesota Public Radio

Forest changes linked to global warming
Minnesota Public Radio, MN - Mar 8, 2006
... Changes are also taking place in central and southern Minnesota woods. Scientists think global warming is changing, perhaps forever, the state's forests. St. ...

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Nasa confirms global warming impact on ice sheets - Scenta.co.uk

Nasa confirms global warming impact on ice sheets
Scenta.co.uk, UK - Mar 9, 2006
... Scientists confirm that climate warming is changing how much water remains locked in Earth’s largest storehouse of ice and snow. ...
Greenland ice cap to disappear in next 500-1000 years NewKerala.com
NASA warns of polar climate warming United Press International
NASA Survey Confirms Climate Warming Impact On Polar Ice Sheets Science Daily (press release)
Universe Today - all 31 related

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Slowing global warming may be less costly than initially thought - Mongabay.com

Slowing global warming may be less costly than initially thought
Mongabay.com - 19 hours ago
Preventing carbon dioxide levels from rising to potentially dangerous levels could cost less far less than originally projected—less 1 percent of gross world ...

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An ETF to Plug Into Alternative Energy - TheStreet.com

An ETF to Plug Into Alternative Energy
TheStreet.com - Mar 7, 2006
All of the politics notwithstanding, that's the right question. Alternative energy seems like it has been the next big thing for years. ...
ETF Spotlight: PowerShares Dynamic Telecom & Wireless ( AMEX: PTE I-Newswire.com (press release)
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Tester promotes national alternative energy plans - Great Falls Tribune

Tester promotes national alternative energy plans
Great Falls Tribune, MT - Mar 8, 2006
By CLIFTON ADCOCK. US Senate hopeful Jon Tester laid out his plans for a national energy policy Tuesday in the Electric City. Tester ...

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March 06, 2006

Private solar energy plant planned in Negev - Ynetnews

Private solar energy plant planned in Negev
Ynetnews, Israel - Mar 1, 2006
... "The three most significant reasons for moving to solar energy are ecology, employment, and the need to diversify the energy sources. ...

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Are You a Global Warming Skeptic? - Scientific American

Are You a Global Warming Skeptic?
Scientific American - 10 hours ago
... Some years ago, I had an email exchange with Dick Lindzen of MIT, who is considered the leading global warming skeptic. (I'd like ...

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Himalayan Weather Station To Monitor Global Warming - All Headline News

BBC News
Himalayan Weather Station To Monitor Global Warming
All Headline News - 12 hours ago
London, England (AHN) – A new weather station, which is being installed on the longest Himalayan glacier, is expected to show the extent of warming in that ...
Himalayan melting risk surveyed BBC News
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INTERVIEW-Global warming evidence grows -UN expert - Reuters AlertNet

INTERVIEW-Global warming evidence grows -UN expert
Reuters AlertNet, UK - 12 hours ago
OSLO, March 6 (Reuters) - Evidence that humans are to blame for global warming is rising but governments are doing too little to counter the threat, the head ...
Global warming evidence grows: UN expert Sydney Morning Herald
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Silicon Shortage Threatens to Dampen Solar Growth

... Silicon Shortage Stalls SolarAs demand for clean energy continues to grow, the solar industry forecasts millions of photovoltaic systems will dot the landscape by the end of the decade. However, a severe shortage of the silicon used in the systems threatens to dampen solar’s growth. According to a recent solar-energy report from the nonprofit ...
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