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September 14, 2006

DrumBeat: September 9, 2006

[Update by Leanan on 09/09/06 at 9:21 AM EDT]

Shell Says Cost, Lack of Gas Are Slowing Saudi Plans

Royal Dutch Shell Plc said a lack of natural gas and rising construction costs are slowing down the planned expansion of a chemicals plant in Saudi Arabia that it owns with Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

The plans call for expanding the Saudi Arabia Petrochemical Co., or Sadaf, petrochemicals complex in Jubail by adding a second plant for the production of ethylene, a gas derivative commonly used to make chemicals. The project is suffering from a shortage of natural gas in the country, said Robert Weener, the chairman of Shell Companies in Saudi Arabia, yesterday at a London conference.

[Update by Super G on 09/09/06 at 9:54 AM EDT] Paul Salopek has been freed from prison in the Sudan. He is author of the Chicago Tribune's great series on peak oil.

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ASPO-USA: 2006 Boston World Oil Conference

2006 Boston World Oil Conference
Time for Action: A Midnight Ride for Peak Oil
Co-Hosted by ASPO-USA and Boston University

ASPO-USA announces our second "Dialogue with the Experts," a high-level conference to discuss impacts of and responses to a peak in world oil production.

Dates Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27, 2006 (plus pre- and post-conference events)
Location Boston University; Boston, Massachusetts

Early registration discount extended to September 15, 2006!

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Russian Gas Supplies next winter for Europe ?

The weather is still pleasantly warm, and winter seems, as yet, to be just an unpleasant thought that can be put off until, at least, Thanksgiving. But unfortunately for those who have to look towards energy supplies for the winter, particularly in Europe, it may already be coming too quickly. To simply describe what is likely going to turn into yet another mess this winter, let me try a quick summary of what seems to be in the offing.

Gazprom you may recall has been buying into, or acquiring more control of, pipelines that carry their gas from Russia to the West. In the process, last year, it had a bit of a row with Ukraine, over the price that should be paid for the gas Ukraine was using. By offsetting the cheaper price that was to be paid for gas from Turkmenistan, the deal that was cut gave Ukraine the promise of gas at a price that would allow it to continue to function. Well, unfortunately for that agreement, Gazprom has just agreed to pay more for Turkmen gas. At a price of $100 per thousand cubic meters this is already $5 above the price that Ukraine was going to pay for a blend that also contained $230 Gazprom gas.

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