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October 03, 2006

Tax Break Proposed for Fuel Efficiency

Bob Bennett, R-Utah, and Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden unveiled legislation Monday to offer a tax break of between $630 and $1,860 for consumers buying new, fuel-efficient vehicles as motivation to wean the nation off its oil dependence. The tax break - which they say could also be used as a cash rebate on a car purchase - would be offset under the duo's plan by rolling back a tax deduction used by large oil companies for drilling and development costs. Vehicles that get 25 percent more fuel efficiency than current standards would qualify under the legislation Under the bill, consumers would receive a $630 tax credit if they purchase a passenger vehicle with fuel economy of 34.5 miles per gallon. That tax credit gradually increases to a maximum $1,660 for passenger vehicles with fuel efficiency of at least 59.5 miles per gallon. Light trucks qualify for a $630 tax credit at 27.5 miles per gallon, going to $1,860 with...

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Google Offers to Share Power Saving Technology

Google, the internet search engine giant whose service is powered by hundreds of thousands of servers, is lobbying the computer industry to improve the power efficiency of its products. Simple changes to PC power supplies could save billions of dollars for industries with high computer use, the company told computer hardware developers yesterday, and Google's top engineers offered to share its secret in-house technology to help create an industry standard. Power supplies to standard PCs and servers typically waste 30-40 per cent of their energy, but Google engineer Luiz Barroso told attendees at the Intel developers' conference in San Francisco that it had cut that waste to just 10 per cent....

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Wave Energy for South Africa

Finavera Renewables, a company developing wind and wave energy projects, has committed to build a 20 megawatt (MW) wave energy power plant off the coast of South Africa over the next five years. Finavera Renewables CEO Jason Bak made the commitment at the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference last week in New York. Southern Africa suffers from intermittent power disruptions and a serious power crisis is expected to affect much of the region by 2007. Regional demand for electricity has already begun to outstrip supply and the disparity is expected to increase. Finavera Renewables, through its wave energy division (former AquaEnergy Group Ltd), plans to build a phased 20MW wave energy power plant in the Republic of South Africa for a total investment of more than US$40 million over five years. The project will save US$2 million per year in fuel and avoid approximately 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions. A material percentage of the return from the project will...

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Nissan to Produce Plug-in for Release in 2010

From the Daily Yomiuri Online, Japan, Sept. 23:Nissan Motor Co. will develop a new hybrid vehicle technology on its own, which would end a joint agreement with Toyota Motor Corp., sources said Friday. The independently produced low-emission and fuel-efficient models will be released on 2010, the sources said. ... The new compact car models will be equipped with a lithium-ion battery system and include a plug-in hybrid vehicle that can be recharged at home....

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Tidal Power for San Francisco

According to a San Francisco Chronicle article turbines submerged in waters below the Golden Gate Bridge could generate enough alternative energy to provide power to nearly 40,000 San Francisco homes. City officials hope that these turbines will capture tidal energy and generate as much as 38 megawatts of power. The tides at the Golden Gate offer one of the best locations on the western coast of North America to generate that power, according to a study conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute. Further studies need to be done, however, to answer questions about where the turbines would actually be located, how big they would be, and the potential environmental impacts they would have on the bay and marine life....

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Miasole to Go Public

Miasole, San Jose, CA, a CIGS solar cell developer (previous post) and one of the darlings of the investment community, will try to do an IPO within 12 to 18 months, according to CEO David Pearce. In May they announced that they had raised about $16 million in a round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. The timing is pretty good because of the high demand for solar cells and the shortage of silicon used by most solar cell suppliers. Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cells do not contain silicon and unlike silicon solar cells, CIGS cells can be printed on flexible sheets of foil or other material....

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Silver-Zinc Battery to Debut

Zinc Matrix Power of Camarillo, CA will debut its silver-zinc battery at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on Sept. 26-28. Zinc Matrix Technology™ is an advanced sealed maintenance-free version of silver zinc technology which has been used by the military and NASA for over 50 years. The batteries offer an extremely high ratio of energy to volume (Wh/l) in applications such as notebook computers, cell phones, and on-body power for military electronics with up to 2X the runtime of lithium-ion battery packs of the same size. Zinc Matrix Technology™ is a long life sealed variant of the military battery having these advantages: Advanced, low resistance polymer matrix and separator formulas Ultra-thin electrodes Ultra-thin walled plastic cases, yielding a very high active material to case ratio Mixed mode AgO + super oxide chemistries The result of these technologies is that our standard 12 Ah medium rate cell can achieve about 200 Wh/kg at low rates and over 800 W/kg...

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British Royal Society: Exxon misrepresents climate issues

... Britain’s Royal Society, of which both Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were members, has asked Exxon Mobil to stop financing groups that create a “false sense somehow that there is a two-sided debate going on in the scientific community,” about the effects of global warming. Spokespeople for Exxon deny having control in the disinformation ...
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The Single Greatest Threat: The United States and Global Climate Disruption

... The Single Greatest Threat The United States and Global Climate Disruption From Defining Power, Vol. 27 (2) - Summer 2005 James Gustave Speth is the Dean of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Climate change—or better, climate disruption—is the single greatest threat that societies face today. In 1979, the ...
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Premature Congratulations

... Lots of people talk about the success of the Montreal Protocol to eliminate CFCs and restore the radiation-shielding ozone layer, especially in light of the climate challenge. A report from Stephen Leahy featured at the Inter Press Service News Agency strikes a more cautionary note: while evidence mounts that 20 years of international cooperation ...
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... Australians consider climate change top priority Eleanor Hall, The World Today, ABC Australia Radio "And the news that Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide sweltered through their hottest September on record will no doubt add further to concerns about global climate change...." http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2006/s1754691.htm Global ...
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Bush thinks we're meeting warming goals!

... By Alister Doyle, Reuters, October 3, 2006. "President George W. Bush said he has no plans to toughen the targets -- trimming the amount of heat-trapping gas emitted per dollar of economic output -- despite speculation that he was considering a revision because of worries about global warming. 'We're meeting those targets,' he said in an ...
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